Lupus Tests


When you first found out you had lupus, was it when they were trying to find other things, or did they diagnose the Lupus right away?

I was wondering because they used not to have a specific test for Lupus and alot of things have changed now.


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I think by RA dr. was looking at different things to be shore.


Thank you. That helps me out. BTW, what a beautiful dog you have there on your picture. Just beautiful!!!


I was just recently diagnosed. I am very lucky to have a great primary care who leaves no stone unturned in her patients health care. I had had numerous complaints in the last year my answer to how are things every time I saw my doc was ‘It’s hell getting old’ as I was battling fatigue and numerous aches and pains. I had been on antibiotics at one point for 30 days lost a lot of weight etc. I think this is why she decided to run some extensive blood tests and that is when it hit the fan so to speak with postive ANA high titre (this was repeated 2 months later with similiar results) My dx is what I would call loose as I don’t meet all the ‘requirements’ for Lupus at this time and also have symptoms and positive tests for Scleroderma. I have been started on Plaquenil as it is the best for Lupus and Rhuemy believes this to be my primary issue. I can’t say they were looking for auto immune for sure but I think at very least my doctor ran the initial tests to rule it out.


Bon Bon, The picture is of my sheltie. Sammy is 2 years old now. My husband brought him for me for valentines day to help me keep moving and for company . He was born on Christmas Day . Just caring for him has improved my outlook
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