I’d like to talk to someone who has lupus. It has so many symptoms…I could go on about them. But, the main one is fatigue. I am always so tired. My doctor put me on Ritalin so I can be more awake and pay attention. It helps a little…but it wears off during the day and I don’t like it…it makes me too jittery.
I’m tired, but I can never sleep. Go figure. Is it just me?

Boomer, your doctor put you on Ritalin?  I know there is a new dosage for the kids that must take it.  It used to be every 4 hours, but then the researchers, I believe, have a newer strength that lasts more.  Why not ask?

More people are aware of lupus that one might think.

For instance, last year I was upset so I went to the mall to try and forget about what was bothering me.  I started getting cramps and knew I needed a bathroom.  The store employees told me it was against their rules.

Unfortunately, my stomach has a mind of its own....The worst thing you can imagine happened.  Now I was totally upset...walking through the mall trying to get the dark, I finally found my car.  The speed limit was 40 mph, but once I have an attack, I just had to go home.

 Lights started flashing......I am now being pulled over.

 Police officer:  You were speeding

Me:    I am sick and must get home.  Now, either that

cop had a stuffed nose or he needed to fill his quota.

 Police officer:  Mame, do you want an ambulance?

Me:  No, I need to get home.  I am sick.

Did he ask to follow me home...?  NO.  He handed me a ticket!

 At court, I went up to the prosecutor, and explained I have lupus, and I was very sick that evening.  I told her I have been a good citizen and have always donated to this town for the past 30 years.

She said, say no more.  I know about lupus.  She called the officer on the phone and confirmed this happened.

 I went home with a clean slate....NO ticket.

Okay, another lupus story.

I am going to get in my horsie and carriage and am flying to the West Coast on Sunday to visit my daughter.

Especially on a plane, I am germophobic.  I wear a mask, ear plugs in my ears to help with the searing pain I get....etc.

Well, I look online to find a reservation.  That's when I noticed the plane was filled except for 6 seats.  I called them up on the telephone instead because I can't be on a waiting list.  The woman told me they are reserved for wheelchair bound people, etc.  I said, I have lupus...I get out of breath even walking to the darn gate..could I use a wheelchair...YES!

What she said?  No problem. Having lupus, I am going to give you one of the seat's.

 So I'm going to California where I will probably sweat to death, but at least I'll be comfortable with a large space for my legs to move them and not have someone's head from the seat in front of me in my lap!  (When people do that to me, I start to make myself cough-upon turning around to see me with my mask on and coughing, they sit right back up!)  A luppy trick to remember......

The reason I'm telling you all this is to show you people DO KNOW what lupus does.  So if YOU have to fly, remember to state YOUR medical condition.