Lycria - A Day to Hold Onto


Hi all. As you know, I have been depressed, having a hard time with the pain, and with being taken over by aliens invading my body and not leaving very much room for me. Its been really tough.

The doctor prescribed Lycria for me last week. 75 mgs to be taken at bed time.

OH MY OH MY My constant “stinging”, “itching” all but went away. I had told my doctor the week before that there was not one single moment that I didn’t think about the disease because I was constantly reminded.

Well believe it or not, I have had several slots of time now pass where I wasnt completely absorbed in DD.

I went to my sons house, to babysit my three granddaughters while their mom went to the oldest grandsons school to help out in the classroom.

I had the MOST fun I have had in years !!! I had bought each grandbaby a little coloring book that also had stickers and “tattos” in it. We colored pictures. We stuck stickers on each other. I put their tattos on them whereever they wanted - it was so fun.

And then I put a couple of fake tatoos on me. A lil butterfly just peeking over my cleavage. And for my trashed knee, I put a flower at the upper end of the scar, so it looked like the scar was the stem of the flower.

We had fun fun fun. The little baby came to me on her own for the first time. She is so cute, she knows you are going to lift her up to your lap backwards, so she backs in to be picked up. HOW CUTE !!

My son and his wife received a Wii system for Christmas. So, my son and I “went” bowling. When he was growing up, I worked for a bowling alley making flyers for different functions, and they traded me free bowling. There was often times when my husband and I would go down and throw 10 games apiece.

Its been a long while since I bowled. BUT with this, all you do is hold the remote up, then drop your hand in the action you would if bowling. WHAT A BLAST !! It was so much fun, it really does a pretty good job of simulating bowling. When I got home, my right arm felt like a mass of lumps and bumps. I didnt know if that light activity just brought more to the surface, or made new ones, but I really didn’t care.

My grandson said (he’s five) when you can bowl, you can feel young again.

He was sOOOOOOOOOOOOO right. Gosh, It was a blast.

Then it was time to bring out hungry hungry hipppo. We played a few games of that, screaming and yelling and trying to chomp white marbles.

Next it was Cootie Bug. We rolled for parts, and the race was on for who built the fastest cootie bug.

Oh those sweet little hearts just gave me hope and life. We turned on animal planet, ordered some pizza, and had dinner.

Then their mom and dad came home, and my YaYa job for the day was done. Thats what they call me, I am their YaYa.

YaYa came home tired, but ever so uplifted emtionally. Slept for two days but it was worth every minute.

It gave me an idea for Monday,when I go to see my knee doctor. He is a really fun person. I am going to get some washable markers and decorate my knee before I go in. I will put a nice big flower head at the top, and then color the scar green all the way down and put a leaf here and there.

I bet he makes his girl take a picture of it. I am looking forward to our laughing together.

Well its almost 3 AM and I am tired not, but heres hoping and praying you all have a day soon that you will want to hold on to too.

Love ya

Calle//Carin//Phx, AZ


Carin that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you!

I have a nephew whose father is Greek and he called his great-grandmother Yaya. He calls his grandmother “I.E” With kind of that Y sound in the middle! And great-grandfather was Papou and his grandfather is Poppy.

They’re wonderful grandparents, even from long distance.

So glad you had that time with the wee ones. They are such an affirmation of the future!



Hi Calle and all,
Your story lifted my spirits, that is truly a day to treasure!
I have been reading your posts and my heart went out to you but I can’t recall if I ever acted on my wish to reply. I hope I did but if not, let me say you are in my prayers and I wish you many more happy times.


Your story is so heartlifting, thank God for days like that! He always brings the good things for us to remember why we are here. I too have been so drepressed, and consumed by DD. Not being able to make the people around me understand what it is. My family especially knows I don’t feel well but don’t understand why I cannot do all the things I used to.
My sweet son Zachary who is fourteen. he is a very innocent for his age and worries about me and doesn’t like to go to school if I am not going to work. I have the flu last week and he was so upset when I made him go on to school. He wanted to stay home and take care of me. Having someone love you that much is wonderful isn’t it?
I have older kiddos, My daughter is 29 and my middle son is 22, neither one is ready for kids yet. I would love Grandkids someday but I don’t expect any, anytime in the near future.

God BLess you and your sweeties, Good luck at your doctors appointment


Hi there!

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your day. It made laugh and smile and just feel good!

The DD takes hold of our lives so completely and causes so much pain we forget to LOOK UP! I never thought about markers but the next time I go back to the surgeon which is Fri 2-8 I will give us all something to truley laugh about!!! Your day to hold onto has spread to Michigan and I thank you and your grandchildren! for the first genuine smile in a very long time!



Thanks Ladies I did enjoy that day and I am looking forward to many more wonderful days, my daughter is a great kid and we are having a blast making plans for the wedding! Thanks for you encouraging words!




I know how you feel. I have twin granddaughters who just turned 2 and when they stay with me, they are so good about remembering what BeBe can do and can’t do. Even when they were tiny babies they could sence when to be patience with me because I had trouble with snaps, etc. because of the neuropathy in my hands. Now, tho 2 yrs old and in the terrible 2’s, they are so good for me.

I can keep going because of them. Tho after I’ve had them 1 night, I am down for a couple of days afterwards, it is well worth it.



I just wanted to share my Day to hold on to. I went to Austin this past weekend by myself to visit my daughter and her fiance’. Heather and I went wedding dress shopping Saturday. I haven’t gotten to spend a day alone with her in forever. We had such a good time. Seeing her trying on weddings dresses, took me back to when she was a little girl and loved to play dressup. No she is a grown up beautiful young woman. She found a gorgeous dress that is perfect for her. Its a simple and elegant dress that is white with pink trim. She loves her pinks. We also bought a few things to work on the party favors for the reception. It was tons of fun. The they took me out to dinner, it was a day to hold on to, we just don’t get them often enough. They brought me home Sunday afteroon. I was exhausted but happy, my husband had just bought a new digital camera to we took pictures of all three of my kids, I don’t get to see them all together very often. Anyway, it really lifted my spirits. God bless us and our peaceful days.


It was so nice to hear about your wonderful day! What a happy time for you to share in your daughter’s life. I am so glad you were able to enjoy it.

I encourage everyone to share good times. No matter how bad I may feel at the time it makes me feel good to hear about wonderful times like this.



Isn’t it a wonderful experience? I was blessed to be able to do this with my neice years ago and my daughter 3 years ago. It is a wonderful and special feeling to be there when they get their dress. Glad you made those great memories.