Makeup to cover BN

Help! I am a bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding in September and need to wear a strapless dress. I have a BN on my right shoulder that I need to cover up. Any ideas or recommendations for makeup / products to use in this situation?

Thank you!

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Morning of: any nair or shaving make sure no hair present
Before dressing: use Dermablend corrective makeup and lightly dust with
dermablend powder to keep it in place all day.
Call your local upscale department store (the kind with the good makeup
counters) and ask if they sell dermablend. Then go in and get your skin
matched, the girl can try several shades to get just the right one.
Dermablend actually can tolerate swimming up to a point. It is pretty tough
Have fun!

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Macy's sells dermablend. I would go to Macy's and have them pick which blend you want. For the powder, you don't have to buy the powder to save money, and could just use baby powder.  That's what the lady told me, because they ran out of the powder at Macy's.

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Hey Kelly
Did the product work? Also in the same boat