Manic manic manic

Whoa I have been a manic maniac lately sleep a couple hours every few days… I love the energy but I wanna sleep normal now… I just tapered down and am totally of prednesone which I know was part of my problem but I just want to sleep normal now I am all ready for summer though I have a lil’ spring turning to summer fever…what do any of you do during your maniac times if you get them… I end up draw and fortunately am working on design for a remodel as well being the general contracter so I have made good use of the long days late;y but now I am ready for some rest…

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts myself the last few days…Not totally manic and even a bit lazy but right on the edge…I do know my sleep pattern is messed up and for me thats not a good sign…
I have to take something every night to sleep… Maybe you could call your doc and they would give you something until you get past that point…

Hope you get some sleep!


When I went manic I felt like I was looking through a window at the world but I wasn’t really in that world anymore. I felt as though I went into a different dimension. I had God talking to me; I exercised a lot, used my part time job for exercise, worked out on the weights almost every day, tried to write a book about what was happening to me while sleeping only 3 hours a night. I was 45 years old and felt like a 20 year old.
The visions I had were all of a religious nature. The greatest “vision” was of me as a young boy going up a set of stairs to 2 arched doors. When I opened the one on the right I saw a bunch of "people? (their heads were lit up and their bodies were like shadow and they were walking through me. Immediatelyafter that there was a crash of thunder followed by a bolt of lightening (yeah, I know, lightening first) but that wasn’t the way it happened.
I then heard beautiful voices (singing in God’s choir) then the sound of a trumpet followed by rolling dark clouds and the sound of a big bell, like a bell you would see on top of a church. Then it was over, and it never happened again. I figured I was allowed to see Heaven.
I’ve talked to a few Christians and have been told it was the devil who was speaking to me. I think they are wrong. I was manic for close to 8 months and during all that time I never had anything bad in my head.
Another thing; I stacked bundles of newspapers for the Edmonton Sun part time during those months and I through my back out. I felt something slip in my lower back as I turned while picking up a bundle of papers off the conveyor belt and twisting my body (instead of turning it) to put the bundle on a pallet.
I had a horrible sore back for about a month. Near the end of that month I was in so much pain I told the voice in my head that I had to quit this job because my back was screwed. The voice kept saying "no; you can’t quit"
I was in too much pain and was so frustrated because I din’t want to displease the voice that I said "well fix it then!"
All of a sudden I felt a touch, under the skin, the touch brushed softly over the part that hurt and the pain was gone. Go figure! This is the truth.
I don’t think the devil heals people, but I know Someone who does.
And no I’m not a very good Christian but I should be.
My psychiatrist thinks I tapped into a part of the mind that very few experience. I’ve read Monks see the kinds of visions I saw.
Anyway; my back, that was sore most of my adult life is not sore anymore.
I’ve been free of that malady for almost 9 years now.
Is there anyone out there that can please tell me it was God and not Satan who I was getting along with so good?
I need to here it was God cause I’ve never been so depressed in my life than I have for the last 9 years.

Velzy, manic, manic, manic, I can totally relate. Can’t seem to stop the mind at all. I don’t work due to bipolar and so when I get manic what worries me is the stupid things I do, this includes money, a lot of it, which I don’t have and doing really unsafe things as I become delirious. Sorry I don’t have a solution for you, as I too at this stage am looking for one. I know when I see my doctor he will just put me back on seroquel and I won’t be happy as I have been off it now for 4 months and lost 4 kilos. But I must admit, it does slow me down, andit does make me sleep. Maybe you should give it a go. Anyway, take care of you, try some relaxation music! just a thought, cheers Kaza