Manic spree and Voilia a puppy

My wife had a “happy” manic episode and purchased a $1000.00 puppy so she could fill the “baby” void. However after the “Happy” came the “Angry” and the puppy who is very loving and only gets about the size of a medium size purse, can become quite cumbersome, since she has to be carried everywhere, and watched. My Wife understands and agrees it wasn’t her best idea, and I know she loves the fact that it loves her, but I see the frustration, hatred and think it might be to much for her with all her ups and downs. I am thinking of finding a home for the little cutie but I am reading of course that animals love is good for people with Bi-polar, I am just not sure what to do. What makes it more difficult is that we are on the last legal drug Canadian option (I cant believe it takes more than 3 years to approve a bi-polar drug in Canada waiting on Cymbalta) for Bi-polar right now and I am afraid it is deciding to stop working, I am anticipating a rough time ahead. Any ideas on what I should do about the dog?

sometimes having someone or something else depending on you is all that keeps you going.

OMG, I can truly relate to this.  I had a very manic day once and drove by the animal shelter. Hmmm, "I wonder what they have in there today?"  I left with a 3 year old boy cat who was just adorable that day.  I left and went to the pet store immediately - buying everything I could find for a cat.  Within a week I had changed my mind and was looking for someone to take him.  I got a phone call in the middle of the night announcing my dad died of a massive sudden heart attack.  That cat what my life saver!  I was living alone at the time, and he was the only one I had.  We've been big buddies ever since.

I would suggest you give it a little while, especially since it was sooo expensive!  I did the same thing with a $500 puppy once!!  Your wife may change her mind back and then regret it, like I did.  I know I change my mind a lot - quickly.  You cannot believe how many spur-of-the-moment decisions I've made and regretted, but not the cat one. :)  Good luck.