Mayo Clinic Contacts for Pancreatitis?


Sprout, you mentioned going to the Mayo Clinic. Can you tell me a doctor or who to call. I would like to go there. However, I will be making calls and arrangements from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Is there someone at the Mayo Clinic I should ask for?

Can anyone help me with this?

Also, when you went did you bring all your tests and records or do they like to run their own?

Thanks so much everyone!


I checked their website- it appears I can make an appointment… don’t what I am going to do yet



I am pretty sure in order to go to the Mayo Clinic your doctor would have to place the call for you to get you an appointment.


I’ve been to the Mayo in Minnesota many times.

1)Initially I needed a referal from my GI Dr. (even though my insurance didn’t cover a cent of it.)

  1. I also called all of my local Dr’s and had them send my records to the Mayo Clinic. (you will need to go in and fill out a HIPPA release of fax one in to them)

  2. I brought a note book with me with my copies of test results, labs, other procedures and any other relevant information. The Dr. actually borrowed my notebook and said it was easier to find information in than all of my official records.

Over all I had a great experience at the Mayo. They were pretty much a last resort for me and although they could not cure the CP, they were able to figure out ways to “give me my life back”. I really appreciated being treated like a person there and having a team of Dr’s committed to finding answers.

I hope everything goes well for you. Let me know if you have any more questions about the Mayo.

Take care, Patti


Thanks so much! Was there a doctor there that you initially saw or do you just discuss the CP when you call for an appointment?



Hi Jackie, I was lucky enough to be given a name of a specific Dr. in Minnesota that I should see. But what I also did was go online to the Mayo web site and look up GI Dr’s specifically ones with pancreatic specialties and got their phone #'s off the sight and called their office directly. I think that helped to speed things along.

These are the Dr’s that have special interests in the pancreas at the FL Mayo Clinic.
Stephen M. Lange, M.D.
Michele D. Bishop, M.D.
Massimo Raimondo, M.D.

"Information and appointment requests can be made directly for some specialty areas."
These include:

Pancreatic Diseases
(904) 953-2221
Fax: (904) 953-7260

Good luck :slight_smile: Patti


Thanks sooooo much! I forgot to ask my doctor about Opana ER- had to go for tests today as I was really in “tough shape” (a little better tonight)- pain…Geez, it hurt when I breathed,walked,sat… guess you know the drill-

I will definitely remember to ask him when I speak with him. Right now I’m happy to have Vicodan close by.

I so appreciate your help. Am getting my ducks in a row and gathering all my info so when I make the call, I will be ready.

Hoping you had a pain free day!

Hugs to you,


Sorry I have not responded sooner. My gastro Dr. at Mayo in Mn. is Dr. Chari. I have been very happy with him. I first went to Mayo’s to get a second opinion re. episodes of pain I was having. I ended up having my gall bladder removed so I dealt mainly with a surgeon. Be sure to check your insurance to make sure it will allow you to go out of state if that’s what you are going to do. I think you will just get assigned a dr. that specializes in pancreatitis. You can check out their credentials on line. I think it is worth looking at what their articles and research are about too. Are you going to Mayo in Florida or Mn. If you are going to Mn. I would be glad to give you recommendations re. places to stay etc. It is an amazing place to go for care. We have been very satisfied with the care there. Betsy



Thanks so much I think I will be going to the Mayo in Minn. If I go- Your episodes sounds a lot like mine. However, my gallbladder was removed a long time ago. They have found that I was born w/ irreg. pancreas that seems to be causing CP- However, a new specialist is not sure… Ultimately, I will probably come to the Mayo to finally get a handle on the daily pain and working with a team there. I do like the team approach which seems to be Mayo’s philosophy I understand. I will check on insurance and get my ducks in a row before making an appointment. I will definitely take you up on any info you can give me -

Thanks so very much!


Hi Jackie, For some reason I was thinking you were going to the Mayo in Florida, so all of the info I looked up was to the FL one. I’ve been to the MN one. My Dr there is Dr Todd Barron, he’s been great, there have also been other Dr’s there that have stood in on my procedures, because I’m such a rare case, but I don’t know their names I was too dopped up.

Please feel free to let me know if you need any other info or #'s for MN you have to look around the web site a bit to find them … but they are there.

I hope you are having a pain free day :slight_smile:


I didn’t see doctors at the Fla. Mayo with the expertise in Pancreatitis- why I thought I would go to Minn.

Thanks so much!!!


Jackie, just let me know when you want the info. I found that once I made up my mind to go to Mayo I had an appt. in 2-3 weeks. Summer is their busy time. It has always been recommended to us to try to come at the beginning of the week. Then any tests, exams etc. can usually be fit in within a week. If you come at the end of the week you may have to stay the week-end for an appt. at the beginning of the week. Betsy


Thanks Betsy!

I always appreciate your info. Hoping you had a pain free day! :slight_smile:




did they help you mostly with pain and nausea control for you to feel like they gave you your life back? Just wondering, I am feeling like maybe I need to change pain meds, just so hesitant.



Hi Jackie,

Joe M recently had Islet Cell Therapy at Mayo Clinic and the last I heard from him about few weeks ago he is doing great. He is so excited that he can’t feel the pain and after the total recovery he can go back to work and do the stuff that normal people do. I thought that was amazing.
If you click on Joe M’s profile you can read about him and if you want you can send message to him. He is a very friendly guy who loves life and full of energy.

Hope you’ll find the nice doctor there and they help you whatever you are looking for.

Take care of yourself,
Lots of love and hugs,



Thanks so much for the info. I am looking for what most of us are w/ CP -pain free days and nights and easier food intake :slight_smile:

I am sending prayers and hugs to you and all