Has anyone found a medication combination that actually works? I have found that no matter what the combination of meds nothing works it only adds other symptoms. I’ve tried balance therapy and that did not work, but did help with functioning while having vertigo spells. I think I am becoming accustomed to the spells. Is that possible?I still have some real tough ones that make me go lie down, but not every day. I just feel so exhausted from trying to navigate my way through the world every day.I work full time and that is getting harder and harder. I dont have to drive there but sometimes it gets hard to focus. Does this happen to anyone else?

hi hun. i have had menaire’s for 20 years. i have taken antivert for years. it does help my dizzeness. and i take adavan with it. together it helps a lot. adavan is for nervous. because when i get an attack i get very nervous. have you tried antivert and adavan? it does help.

thank you so much for that info, i have never tried the two drugs you told me about. I’m so thankful that i have found this group of people who are like me and understand. I thought i was going crazy with no one to experience the horrible feeling that we have to deal with everyday being dizzy and depressed. God Bless and heres to finding some BALANCE… Cweeed1

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Thank you for sending me the info about ativan and antivert. I am really
looking for natural means of treatment without taking medications that
themselves have side effects (actually it is a friend of mine that has
Meniere’s syndrome and she has been taking antivert).
Again, thank you for responding to my email.
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Thank you for the info. I am on the antivert too. I have not been
diagnosed with Meniere’s yet, I have an appt. w/s specialist. Have you ever
gone off the antivert, and if so, what happens?

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I am not the one on the Antivert…it is poetrylady who said she is taking

Thanks, Barbzj

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I carry Betaserc around with me in case of imbalance - it has no side effects and is specifically for with me, and i hate taking drugs but sometimes… natural remedy i also use ginger root — boil it and drink it, and again it helps a lot

thank you for that information…

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Hi -I’m new to Care Place. Among other problems I have been DX with Meniere’s for over three years. I take Meclizine 25mg x 3 a day and use Transderm Scop (Scopolamie 1.5 mg) as a patch behind my ear. I still have to pull over when driving sometimes but overall the combination has been working OK. Have you made sure you don’t have BPV? Benign Positional Vertigo. The treatment for that is different than for Meneire’s but the symptoms are the same. I had good med control for the last two years, recently due to some of my other problems I haven’t had good control. I currently use a walker when I walk due to Degenerative Disk Disease, stenosis, Mypothy, Peripheral Neuropathy, Fibromayglia, and Degenerative Joint Disorder. That at least allows me to not fall when the Meniere’s cause a lose of my sense of balance! Have you been tested for allergies? and for Sleep Apnea? Those both can effect Meniere’s Ann

I use meclizine (Antivert) every 6 hours, metoclopramide (Reglan) 1/2 an hour before meals and at bedtime, and transdermal scopolamine patches. Also, taking high dosages of niacin (vitamin B-3) can help for some people, though I’ve heard it used as a treatment for BPPV more than for Meniere’s.

The combo works well enough for me that I’m able to function (working in a restaurant, going to school), but it doesn’t take away all the vertigo, and I’m still somewhat limited in my activities. I don’t try running, and I have to skip out of my karate class when it’s bad because that requires a lot of balance. But I’m happy to be able to function at all.