Hello Everyone …

Just wondering … what medication everyone is one for the TYPE 2 DIABETIES … as for myself I started out taking 7 GLUCOPHAGE XL pills which meant … 2 at breakfast / 2 at lunch / 2 dinner / 1 before bed so that was a lot of pills to take.

Then … Doc did not like the way my numbers were so she started me on something called: Actos which gang I hated to take because it cause WEIGHT GAIN so I lived with it for ahile …

Then … things were still not were DOC wanted them so I then was but on Glucovance which means 1 at breakfast / 1 at dinner !!

So, as of today - March 18th here it’s been 5 years & I am NO LONGER on the Glucophage XL or the Actos and so I am just taking 2 Glucovance pills which means 1 at breakfast & 1 at dinner time !!

So what about all of you ?

Hi LadyBear from up here in beautiful British Columbia. :o)

Well, I’ve only been Dx for less than a month, but they have me on 500mg Metformin (Glucophage in the US) twice a day…breakfast and suppertime…along with 1mg Gluconorm (Prandin in the US) before every meal. For the most part, my BG has been relatively steady, moving from 4-8 mmol/L or 72-144 mg/dl, with the odd spike to 10-11 mmol/L or 180-198 mg/dl, and when it does happen, it’s usually right after breakfast for some reason. I eat very light breakfasts, but still, my BG can climb a few points even though I may have eaten the same thing for breakfast on two different days, with two very different BG readings. That is the one frustrating aspect in terms of trying to keep my BG levels between 4-7 mmol/L or 72-126 mg/dl.

I have my first appointment with a Diabetic Specialist in a couple of weeks, so I may see a change in prescription…Metformin increased to 850mg and/or three times a day, or even the Gluconorm increased to 2mg before each meal. My personal Physician was initially going to prescribe me Gluburide, but I asked if we could try Gluconorm instead, and he agreed. I kept hearing about Diabetics going hypo when they’ve been on Glyburide, so I am happy with the Gluconorm for now, although I have had one hypo incident (2.9 mmol/L or 52.2 mg/dl) while on my current medications. That was not a very nice experience, and I hope I keep those at a minimum.


I take 2, 2/500 Avandamet in the morning and 1 in the evening. I also take 18 units of Lantus insulin at bedtime.

I started feeling much better as soon as I started the Lantus and think I have gained tighter control over my BG levels. Will see if my Dr. agrees in a couple weeks.


Thank you Nick & Suz for sharing … With you Nick I will be praying for you and your check up that you have coming up and I am sure that they will give you some good pointers and so I am here too to offer some helps that I have learned over the years. I was not so lucky to have seen a specialist when I found out so … I am thankful for the internet … so take care and keep us posted !!

Gotta go … see you all again soon !!
LadyBear aka Karen

Hi Everyone!   I am now currently taken Metformin 500MG.  I'm

overdue to go to the doctor's.  I wanted to control this decease on

my own with diet and exercise but can't seem to do it.  I'll schedule

another lab test to see where the A1C is now.  Last one was 7.1%.

the first one was 7.3%.  I now know it should be under 6%.  I have

to say that I also need to start taking exercise much more serious.