hey :slight_smile:

I don’t have insurance as of today. I lost it cuz of not working. But, my case settled today wooohooo :D. I’m going to the doctor next week!!!


you need to start asap…looking for insurace coverage. regardless, of how much money you got based 33% permanent disability…will not last as long as you think with your illness. the spinal cord stimulator was approx…20,000 dollars not counting the hospitlal…cant remember exact amount …but alot,doctor’s fee. also, in november i had the pain pump put in…again, total was 60-70 thousands. each nevere block , if done in a hospital is a total $24oo for hosptal overnight stay…not counting doctor.

wait untl you see all of the test that a pain management doctor will do
before deciding your treatment. please to major medical asap.

love bjp