What meds is everyone on? What has worked for you guys? I’m waiting for my case to finally settle (pending signing) and I can go to a doctor I choose! Just was wondering. The last couple of days have been a struggle.

Pressing On,



watch for cymbalta,i took it and one month later i was mentally planning my sucide. be careful with this drug…and other’s in this family sch as lycria,
etc,they all have anti seziure durgs mixed with them.


My dad is on cymbalta, it has helped he made it through the last stages of RSD, he suffered many years,. ho[pe that helps some

jenrn25 wrote:


i took vicidan for pain, soma, mussle relax. xaxan, celexa, depression.
since i had my pain pump put in last november, i only take my depression med and sleeping pill at night. maybe xaxan once a month. i love the pain pump,it has changed my life…do not try the stimulator…it is not cut out to be what they say…i had one for 10 yrs…it caused me more main.


I’m getting frustrated because some doctors look at me like I’m a druggie cuz I’m so young :(. The pain pump seems ideal. Does it make you drowsy? I’d never let a doctor implant the stimulator. It just seems to have a lot of pitfalls. You guys are the bestest

wow, my dad has been on it for a couple years, and was going to stop…he is a severa alcoholic to help with his pain from rsd…and has seizures etc and alcohol neuropathy he was injured 35 years ago a fire truck he was working in flipped and landed on top of him, he is in books too longest living rsd to make it throughthe 4 th stage without suicide…ha what about you?

bjp wrote:

I am currently on nothing :frowning: I don’t have a doc. I haven’t seen a doc since last year. Workcomp sucks moneky balls

how did you get injured? i guess on the job? no meds, do you have rsd? were you diagnosed

jenrn25 wrote:


my prolife is on careplace…i have a pain pump …inserted last november.
the rsd, plus fibromalagia, nuropathy, and authritis which is in my knees and hips. i take celexa for depression, trazdone for lack of serotona
which helps you sleep naturally…but since i do not produce serotona i have to take trazadone and a sleeping for sleep. otherwise i would never sleep.
i got rsd in 1997 due to a doctors mistake.

jenn, sorry to hear about you dad…so sad…does he have a pain pump?
yes, mine is stage four…two years passed before i was properly diganosed.

Hi All,
I am on darvocet, klonopin, elavil… they seem to help with the everyday. I have been in the ER recently and they gave me morphine, but to let you know they also gave me something called hydromorphine (dauladid)… this is absolutely wonderful… it knocked me but it gave me a warm feeling and it helped so much. I would use this as a break through med… something really good… also they gave me valium and percocet… I don’t use this daily however, for a break through cocktail this really helped… still having problems with the color changes and the atrophy but this was something I wanted to share cause it worked for me. Also I was on the TENS unit about 3-4 hours… Like I said a break through cocktail… if you want to chat email me at
God Bless and a pain free day,

yeah I was diagnosed with RSD! I’m dying most days!


why want the workmens comp give ypu anything for pain…or do they?

the key to this problem is to get a regular regemin of medication that you take at a certain time every day. even if you do not feel like you need it. it keeps the pain at bay. after the pain has already started then you have the strugle and wait of getting it under control. tht was my biggest problem.; i refuse to take the med’s until the pain came. which wa too late
the last time i went to the emegercy room the pain was so severe, i was drulling from the mouth, could not speak, blood pressure of 190/110, which cased a mega headace…they were afarid that i was going to have a stroke…i almost kicked out the walls of the ambulance. the worst.

for the last 4 days i have been dowm more than up. i am in a severe flare up…why who knows. the weather here is going from hot to cold, rain or no rain. which affects all of our bodies. i have had to take a musle relaxer and a pain pill in the morings to walk and stand up straight. i have not had to do this for at least three months. i have been crying by the end of the day
and need help getting in and out of the whril pool tub. by evening my legs start to drag. my knees and hips are something else. the pain is horrible in the mornings…cant bend my legs have to use a walker when getting out of bed. it is nice to have all of you people to talk with. if anyone if just having a bad day…please send me a notel. it get only when you are confined to the house and boring


hello, all!
may i make an observation, please?
i’m hearing a number of people who are presently taking vicodin or darvocet, etc for the pain…which is fine - for the short term.
i just have one observation to make.
i, too, started out with the "cets"
of all kinds…in other words, the pain pills that ALSO had large amounts of tylenol or other analgesics mixed in with them.
the trouble comes, if you end up taking these drugs regularly for
many years…
of course - in the beginning - i tried to avoid the pain meds as much as humanly possible.
(now, though, i find it impossible to get through the day without their assistance - to aid me in mobilizing my limbs - which is invaluable in order to avoid further pain, stiffening and loss of range of motion)
anyways, my point (and i do have one in here SOMEWHERE) :slight_smile:
is that it is much less toxic to your liver – to take the “pure” pain meds
(either by mouth – or delivered by a pimp…WHOOPS! I meant PUMP!!!) :-0
when i say “pure”, i mean a drug like a PLAIN oxycodone…with NO added tylenol!
believe me – after several years – your liver will thank you for this choice!!
as I thank you all – for taking the time to hear my humble opinion.
nancy (AKA "ANNABELLE) :slight_smile:

Isn’t your case a workers compensation case? Why is your attorney letting you settle? My case has been open for 9 yrs, and the 2 attys I’ve had have both told me never to settle b/c the condition can get worse, and the procedures/treatments/medications that I need are all VERY exspensive. I am currently taking 15 medications, just for my RSD, and if WC wasn’t paying, my monthly bill at the pharmacy would be over $1000.

ok I have one more thing to say, sorry. I know that I’m the exception, BUT I’ve had 2 different types of stimulators implanted. They certainly don’t take all my pain away, BUT it takes the edge off – enough so I can focus and do some of my daily tasks. I had the wire leads and now have the paddle leads, and these are MUCH better. I have them implanted in my neck and now have coverage from my neck to my toes. It gives me something to focus on besides the pain. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, it isn’t as bad as some say it is.

So sorry about your situation!! Been there - done that, as the old saying goes. Yes, my RSD came from work-related surgery. I’m a now-retired RN. I did settle after going all over the place the work comp people told me to go - even had to take the train from Indianapolis to Sacramento to see their dr. Of course they didn’t pay for the ticket. And I had to go back!! Long story. I settled & was rated 55% permanent & stationary. I settled for life-time medical which means I didn’t get a bunch of money but they have to pay all medical bills related to my RSD. Have had shoulder surgery & of course RSD settled in there too, so they are paying now for blocks & meds. I have been on oxycontin, which has given me my life back!!! I don’t have any side effects like the abusers get, but I am tired from it. I’m on Paxil, stool softners, lots of vitamins, esp. Vit D. Was on neurontin-type stuff which I could not tolerate, so I just stopped that. Have to
take Zantac for stomach upset but that’s all I take now. I am having a block in 4 days. In serious pain today. Have wonderful doctors & lawyer. It’s ONE DAY AT A TIME!
Talk to me - tell me your story.

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hi to all,

annebelle, i do agree with you. I too was on oxicotin but my pain level wa so severe i did not want to take the amount needed to help. plus, over ten years of blcks, epidoral’s, trigger point shots etc.,…my body just would not take anymore procedures that required me to have anesteshia. when the pain pump was inserted i wondered for weeks if i would pull through.
it took my body 12 weeks to come back…wth the help physical threapy three times a week, someone to help me with a bath 2x per week, and occupatioal threapy two times a week, also help with breakfast and lunch.
i was beginning to think …well this is it…the surgies finally took my body. but, with support from my nurses daily, i finally made it back. with the pain pump nothing goes through your internal organs. thank you god. i recently had blood work and was on the money with everything. to help with the stiffness i go to water areobics three x a week …if i can drive that week.

take care everyone,i look forward to ready all messages!

BJP, it’s so great to hear that the pain pumps worked for you…
when we are trying to decide which pain method is best for us, i think we often fall back on listening to our own anecdotal stories for help.
(after all, who understands what we are truly going through, but one of “our own”?)
trouble is - what works for one - might not work for another…but it helps SO much to hear a success story such as yours!
i suppose all we can do, is try, try and try again…
my biggest complaint is the fact, that, some doctors don’t even believe rsd exists!
did you guys hear that rsd is now considered – the “new
i’ve said a thousand times, that i do not wish this disease on anyone - however - for those who don’t even believe us -
i wish just ONE DAY of suffering.
(i think this would make them better physicians – and certainly more
compassionate human beings, as well!)
Annabelle (nancy)

My work comp case settled for a variety of different factors. The doctors they sent me to were one quack after another. I’m through with those doctors! Its really frustrating as a nurse to know the difference in quality of care. I know doctors here that would take great care of me but they don’t take my work comp insurance. I wish I didn’t know what I know, but its kinda a double edged sword. I didn’t settle for life time medical because if I had to go to their doctors for the rest of my days the world would end! So, I’m taking my chances.


who is your regualr insurance carrier as of today? it is good to hear from you///i kept checking yesterday for emails but no one was on. hey everyone where are you guy’s. ii missed talking to everyone. i look forward to it.

annabelle, steelworker, crystal, …how isi everyone doing? here is my personal email address…if you would like to contact without going through…hope to hear from you soon. also, who is married, who is not,…anyone still working…i cannot…kids? whatever

love bjp