Memory Problems

I’ve been having problems with my short term memory since my carotid artery dissection from FMD.I know that I had a TIA from it but, was told that as the artery healed and blood flow improved I would probably see improvment.This happened last November . I feel like my short term memory is worse. I will talk to Dr about it on next visit butI’m curious if others are having trouble with memory. I forget things that I heard only a few minutes ago sometimes which I can tell frustrates my family ( not to mention me ).Anyway just wanted to know if anyone else has same problem.

Hey, Nancy…I agree, Gina really is a kick…and it’s that sense of humour that’s going to keep her with all of us for a long, long time!

I have that problem all the time. I was never told that I had a stroke, but I believe that I did. I found out later that there were a lot of things that my cardio never told me. I think you will improve over time. I still forget things but not as bad, my husband calls FMD (female mental disorder) because he will tell me something and 5 minutes later I will ask him again or I will tell him something, and tell him again in 5 min. I am not as bad as I used to be. So hang in there it gets better.
The other day, I kinda got lost in walmart, I had trouble finding the checkout lines, I was in the ladies clothing dept, going around and around… I dont know what was wrong with me that day. Female mental disorder, I guess. Haahaa.

Gina -
You made me laugh out loud!


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Gina that was a good one !!Think I’ve got the same thing lol You are too funny! Lorraine

One day, I cooked some hot dogs for lunch, just boiled them on the stove and ate them on bread. There was one left in the pot, and i just left it there no big deal. An hour later, I was smelling something burning, I thought my inlaws up the road were burning trash. I even mentioned they must be burning trash and it was a stinky trash. LOL . Over an hour later I found the last burnt hot dog in the pan, burnt black. Good thing that it was on low heat. I try to watch that now. I am turning in to an old woman. LOL

I have known Gina for a while now and she is very
special to me as well. She has been a gift that I
don’t know what I would have done without.
— Nancy in DC

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Gina -
You made me laugh out loud!


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well thank you ladies.

Hi Gina, my gosh you could be describing me! I have been talking about my short term memory for the last
month or two. I know it is not the “norm” that others experience. My son has been living back with us for a short while until he starts the academy. He looks at me strangley sometimes and says “mom you just asked me that”. GEE it is frustrating. I have never had a tia that I know of, but do have carotid fmd which has increased lately along with the renal. Found it so interesting, becasue also like you I have two times left things burning on the stove! My gosh if I am like this at 50, what the heck it if make it to 75???
Okay, take care…I am not here to often as I am still trying to navigate this sight…