OK does any one have a problem. I will fall asleep so hard the alarm does not wake me up. I have even put phone beside me in bed and dont hear it. My dad has came over and banged on wall until I woke up. He then tell me something and as soon as he leaves I have to call him to see what he said to me. I have even answered phone and talked to my mom and did not remember talking to her. Then there been times I remeber talking to her but dont have a clue what she told me. OMG am I going crazy? Such simple things I dont remember. How can 5 minutes later dont have a clue. I have so many notes on ice box it is crazy. I sure wish I knew why CFS has so many side affects and problems.

I have a lot of trouble waking up at times. New years eve, cause I was too tired to sit up and wait for that, I asked my family to wake me up just before the new year, so i could join them and celebrate.

My cousin tried to wake me up, I did wake up, well at least my mind did, but I actually found myself unable to respond to her so she stood there just yelling at me to wake up.

When I finally managed to drag myself out of bed, I really was still half asleep, walking into the walls, more sleep walking then awake. I couldnt stand and was sitting in a chair and falling asleep again, then like sleep walked outside with my family. I only managed to pull myself out of this state, half way throu the fireworks outside.

I forget things too, I didnt even know my own brother-in-law when he unexpectively showed up at my door. I have little notes all over the place to remind me of things.

i can definately sympathise with the short term memory loss :stuck_out_tongue: althought it doesn’t really affect me anymore thankfully.