Meniere's disease

I have meniere’s and have had no relief from any treatment tried so far - I need people like me to talk to !


Yep, I have meniere’s too. My ears wont stop ringing! My ENT doctor said there isnt anything to fix it. He did every test, found I have lost some hearing (well Mr ENT wouldnt you not hear that good, if your ears were ringing loud?!? I first went because I had a serious case of vertigo. My Aunt had to help me walk from the car to the doctors office, I was also using a cane to help steady myself. That lasted last 4th of July for 3 weeks. Once I was on the couch or bed, it was hard to get up and felt like I needed to get sick. It wore off and I havent had a bad case of vertigo for almost a year now. I still get light-headed easy, but i’m use to it. So after all those test I was dx’d with Meneiere’s. My ears are yelling at me too. So how did you learn you had meneires? Has your doctor said any thing different from what mine said? Like I said, I have lost some hearing and now I know why my 82 year old father gets fustrated when he doesnt here us correctly and he keeps saying “huh”? Then my Mom gets mad at him for saying ‘huh?’ all the time. haha Now that is what is happening with me and family… Hang in here and I’m ready to talk anytime.