Meniere's disease

Latest therapies to treat this condition?..both medical model and alternative therapies. Thanks

I have Meniere’s as well. Let me know if you find out anything helpful! I tried Acupuncture and got some relief but other problems I had like an inability to lie still especially on my back interfered with the effectiveness. I use Meclizine 25mg x 3 a day, and is it ever self reminding when its time for another does. I also use a patch behind the ear called Transderm Scop. The medicine is Scopolamine 1.5 mg. It is expensive but it works. Each dose last for about three days. Have you been check for benign positional vertigo? If you can set your Meniere’s off by tipping back your head, get a PT consult to someone familiar with that. You need a special table to be tested. BPV is treatable with therapy and often mistaken for Meniere’s. My grandfather and my mom both have Meniere’s as well.

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