Mercury Fillings


Has anyone thought about mercury fillings being the culprit? I was suggested by one periodontist. Also, some infectious disease doctors told me my problem was dental & I should have all of my teeth pulled. the lymp node under my chin on the right side of my face stays swollen. Would like comments on the mercury…Sister


Hello forum,
I would like to add another great place on the internet that provides support to sufferers of various skin diseases and its name is the Skin Cell Forum. The group is very active and supportive.
Your brother in scales,


Skin Cell? I know people who have had problems (eg Cyberbullying)
with that site.


Hi Sister,

If you go to the LP group on Yahoo you will find quite a lengthy
discussion about mercury filling sas one possible causal factor for

Long term you may decide that you do indeed want to replace any
mercury-containing silver amalgam fillings you have with alternatives
such as the tooth-coloured compounds that are available.

I’ll mention that my initial outbreak of LP started within six months
have having my one and only filling, which contained mercury,
replaced. It was a very small filling. I have wondered if disturbing
the filling may in fact have released compounds into my system that
may have helped trigger the LP. Still, I don’t regret getting rid of
it, as I don’t think it was a good thing to have in my body anyway.
(Years after getting my tiny-little filling I developed a skin
reacxtion to metals that contain nickel, and that may have gotten
less acute since the filling came out – the Yahoo group also has, in
the archives, discussions about nickel sensitivities).

It’s not that I want to push people from this forum over to Yahoo,
BTW. It’s just that I keep seeing topics come up that I know have
been discussed. The archive from the Yahoo LP group is a fabulous
resource. This also seems to be a great community!

If you have medical questions you can ask them through the
International Lichen Planus Support Group (
hosted by Baylor College of Dentistry at Texas A&M University.
Another wonderful resource!

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DDD, thanks so much for the reply. If you go to the “Dental wellness” site. It tells how very dangerous this metal is & it’s in our mouth!! I know about the Baylor site, thanks. Could you please give me the web address for the yahoo group. I tried yahoo lichen planus & got care place. Sister


I am still looking for the Yahoo web site, also… Thanks for this info if
anyone can provide it. Any good itch remedies out there??

Thanks, Judy


I have them also. What would you be getting rid of the mercury fillings for?
Do you have ME-CFS or something other than that?
Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I keep having problems getting in for some reason.


Hi Gwood,

I’m glad Skin Cell is helpful to you. I’m sad to report that the
cyber bullies there were some of the (more senior) moderators –
but that was a few years back and maybe they’ve been rooted out (I
hope – at that time a number of Skin Cell moderators resigned as
they were concerned over a number of issues). I’m not going back
there, however, and don’t want to get into any details, just to give
you a head’s up – initially I thought it was a fabulous resource.

I posted the link to the Yahoo forum but that post never appeared.
Probably a problem on my end? Try:

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