Mercury toxicity, MS diagnosis, my story

I don’t know that mercury explains 100% of the reason I developed MS. I never had a single filling in my life. I was never vaccinated. That said, I LOVE FISH …lots and lots and it became central to my weight loss program.

am writing about the loss of a significant amount of weight over a 7 year period which I now believe caused large amounts of toxins and mercury to be released into by system which I could not

handle. I am now seriously affected in my central nervous system. When I get a chemical hit, it hits me immediately in my CNS and autonomic nervous system. This is worsened because it crashes my

pulse and blood pressure, causes me not to be able

to swallow etc…for 72 hour spurts.even to this day at times. Still I am relatively stable now as you will find out with a stable relatively rich life.

In 1991-1993, I was 31-33 and weighed in at 250 lbs. I was a woman’s 26. I had been between 180-200 lbs for all of my 20s. I began having a number of symptoms of tiredness and was put on synthroid. I lost about 40 lbs and decided as a goal that I wanted a breast reduction. (eventually they removed 14 lbs of breast tissue). My application was approved with my HMO on basis that I had lost the 40 lbs and had to lose 20 more lbs before

surgery would be done. Once it was done, my life changed. I began a eating program including intake of 5-8 cans of tuna, steamed tuna or salmon each day at lunch and dinner and vegetables. I added martial arts and soon was competing in that. I was

still overweight, losing weight and very very clumsy but I persisted at everything. Tuna is very very easy to travel with. So is canned salmon…I would eat cans in the middle of the night when my

blood sugar would crash. I was able to exercise and began lifting weights each morning at Gold’s Gym (or a gym pre-arranged in each city and county where I raveled) and soon was competing in the gym

taking 2nd place several times in my category. I became more clumsy and noticed I couldn’t feel my hands and feet, had trouble taking my pulse, and was hospitalized for 5 days in ICU in 94 when I had my first apparent attack resulting in loss of use of swallowing and being put on a ventilator. Neuro said possible MS and the symptoms subsided and did not return…for 8 years. Meanwhile I continued my diet and became increasingly sick in many ways, chronically ill, clumsy, fatigued…but

working 100 hours a week, traveling 200,000 miles per year worldwide.

By 1998, I was down to 130 lbs and a size 6 and still consuming my fish regimen. I was having many health problems. I divorced

after 22 years of marriage. My daughter was 7. After years of infertility, suddenly I had 2 back to back miscarriages. I had never even had to use birth control before. I met a man and married and

soon had 4 more miscarriages. Something was not right with my body. My fish intake continued. In 2001, after 9 months in the hospital with severe nausea and vomiting, my son was born. He was small

for his age from birth and neuro atypical, first diagnosed as autistic at age 2.75 which later seemed to resolve and now ADHD and 2 years social and behavioral delays at age 5.5. He is cognitively very advanced but clumsy with poor fine motor and gross motor skills. He is

mainstreamed in a private kindergarden on a behavioral plan and adderal XR and doing well. He is on 2gm Omega 3 among his vitamins and we avoid sugar, blue and purple dyes and dairy and wheat for him. He is on an NCD zeolite trial and the product is paid by the study.

As I lost all this weight and what triggered me to write this was reading about the loss of weight and the releasing of toxins into the system. As I continued to lose weight and from 98-03 specifically, I lost enormous amounts of pure body fat going from 30% to 18% body fat over this time…and by 03 in fact weighed only 105 lbs with

about 12% body fat and was very ill. I now believe it was mycotoxins, mercury (amounts equaling Minatua victims were found in my hair and blood in samples taken in 06 and 07.) I stopped intake of fish in March of 06. Because I did not know about the fish, I started following the Best Bet Diet in Nov of 04 (suggested for MS) and then adding 26

foods that I tested positive elisa in Jan of 05 and another bunch of foods from IgE testing. 20 of the foods are not surprisingly already on the Best Bet Diet. I also found out I was celiac. My MS clinically definite diagnosed not till 2004 because I did not meet diagnostic criteria till Nov 04 and was not started on CRABs till May of 05

and proceeded to have significant relapse and progression on avonex and then copaxone in fast rotating trials and then all stopped although I did respond to IVIG gamma globulin. I spent about

8 admissions totaling about 30 days in the hospital in 05 and several admissions in 06. I started on low dose naltrexone in March of 06 and

CSM due to mycotoxins (read www.moldwarriors http://www.moldwarriors/ ). I stopped using toothpaste with sodium laurel sulfate and my complex apthous ulcers have seemed to disappear. I now know these also were likely due to mercury. My

fish intake remained high because it was an easy protein, kept my blood sugar stable as I lost weight. and I would not stop eating fish entirely till March of 06 when my nurse and my doctor separately called and asked if I was okay. I was brought into the hospital for more testing and my mercury numbers and arsenic and aluminum numbers were very high. (other risk factors; pressure treated wood, grew up next to a mercury mine near Tomales)…who knew…

I have continued on BBD all this time, have not been retested ELISA but think it may be time, am on zeolite NCD since April 06, LDN, and so on… I did a number of trials of DMSA using Andy Cutler principle and exact supplements he proposes see

My central nervous system issues and relapse worsened dramatically each time I would start a frequent dose chelation using DMSA. I did 30

rounds over 6 months with long waits and was better but very sick neurologically. I don’t consider my DMSA trial a success. I do not

tolerate ALA whatsoever and have been hospitalized each time tried.

My mercury levels are still very high. We are doing new urine toxic metal tests over next few months and I will have results then but my hair tests done this month still showed no change although they reflect the previous 6 months of intake and likely prior intake. I have had several short relapses which are stroke like involving throat, left side of face, chest, breathing swallowing, waist weakness. I was hospitalized with breathing assistance and swallowing care in

2006 several times but have since refused hospitalization at relapse. Other than the minor relapses, I have returned after all the

progression through 05 to a baseline of where I was in the late 80s except with progressive waist weakness and facial weakness and extreme fatigue. My electric power chair is behind a couch and was

last used in summer 06 paid by Medicare. My walker used throughout 04 and 05 is packed away. my cane is in my car. I think I’m not sure. I walk in a wide gait but otherwise normal. I am thin. I now weigh about 120 lbs, size 4, and look better than I have in 20 years. I look younger than my age. I do not feel younger than my age. I am very fatigued. I am often bed bound and almost always house bound but I lead a rich life teaching college classes online, doing all sorts of marketing plans free for others, and learning to be “disabled” this past 3 years in the eyes of SSDI. I am single and patiently dating trying to find the right one for my son and I. A remarriage to my son ended in annulment in April 06 and excited to say that the father’s parental rights are being terminated at role call the first week of March 07 so we indeed can move on from this person’s violence and drug issues. I have been

dating the same person for about a year. As it turns out, chronically ill due to his former role as a funeral director for 20 years and past

exposures .

I do not know the root cause of my MS nor the mercury toxicity and I don’t know but I now think that one reason that I got so ill was all the

toxins being dumped as I lost all the weight. I think I gave the mercury in utero to my son affecting him during pregnancy and beyond. I am very chemically sensitive and have anaphylactic reactions to many substances and meds now. I wear a Medic Alert Foundation necklace. That’s all I am going to add for now but the post

from yesterday afternoon about dumping toxins when losing weight made me decide to share my story.

Julie of NC

Amazing story. I will have to read it again. I did not understand it all. I hope you are coping.


The paragaphs didn’t cut and paste nicely. Was there a part of it you didn’t understand and needed explanation?

I was diagnosed with MS clinically definite 2004. I responded poorly to interferons and copaxone and was removed. My MS doc called it progressive-relapsing…6 months later, the mercury was found and started slow steps at detox since I don’t tolerate heavy detox without landing in ICU…

A year later, I have gone from wheelchair to walking without a cane. I have progressive weakness in legs, abdomen and left arm and left sided of face.

I am taking LDN, lots of supplements, following best bet diet and so on…I am doing pretty darn good but I did not expect to be sidelined at such a young age.

I have learned a lot about MS and demyination since then…Lots to learn.