Sorry I haven't been around - I have been in the hospital - again.  I went in with pain in the liver area. They informed me that it was pancreatitis. Like I can't tell the difference beween my pancreas and my liver!!!  Oh yeah and I didn't have any nausea or vomiting. No problems eating. But they determined that it was pancreatitis. Then they decided it was a functional bowel problem. But I am having NO problems with my bowels. Finally they decided that I have pain -significant pain - but they don't know the cause. So suck it up.

So what's new??



I am sorry to hear about your ER experience!!! I went into the ER almost 4 years ago, the first thing they ask my husband if i was a drinker, and if so how much per day? I only remember going for x-rays, then I was pretty much drugged. All my x-rays and CS came out to be Pancreatitis, then was told through my husband that if I took another drink I would die, so then i started seeing a GI specialist a year later and this is when i found out that I had liver cirrhosis sorry about the spelling :slight_smile: so not only am i dealing with one disease, but several including Blood Disorder/Autoimmune/Constipation/Liver/Pancreas. My doctor sent me to the Pain Specialty Clinic of Lincoln Ne. they gave me very high dose of Lyrica, after taking this I broke out in blisters, itching and nausea, was that not so worth it!

Then the pain clinic said to me “well there is NOTHING more we can do for you” if you can’t take the medication prescribed I thought what the H~~~ isn’t there therapy or something that comes with pain management??? Even therapy would of helped with the depression~ So if I were you I would get an appt. with a good GI doctor and have test ran on your LIVER…Not sure where you are located, but here in Lincoln, NE. and Omaha NE. have very good doctors that specialize in these areas.

I will be heading to Omaha to see and get treatment from Dr. Hutchins WE hear he is one of the best in the area…So we are keeping our fingers cross. He is performing the procedure ERCP looking into the pancreas and test on the liver that is 70% damaged…Ok enough of me, just
wanted you to hear some of careplace comments…Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, and I am sending Lots of Love and Hugs!!! Sending my Prayers-----
Mrs. Barb :slight_smile: