Applying moisturisers can be a confusing task, ie which comes first moisturiser or topical therapies? Small amounts frequently or lashings now and again? What do people prefer to do? and what works?

From my experience most medications or topical therapies are
applied first, then a moisturiser.


On Jun 7, 2007, at 4:00 PM, davida wrote:

Thanks Nadine,
Thats the advice I tend to give, however I have come across a couple of healthcare colleagues who advise the opposite. Citing that if the skin is dry then the topical therapy will act only as a moisturiser. But I think that if the moisturiser is placed on first then it’ll act as a barrier.
Have you tried it both ways and did one way appear more effective than the other?

Yes, I have tried it both ways. Most of the topical therapies I have
used haven’t been very moisturizing and I think a barrier over the
therapy made it more effective.
I have had eczema all my life and I am now 65, so I have had lots of
experience with this problem.


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I have Eczema on the knuckles of both hands…it was diagnosed by a dermatologist. But it is not itchy, isn’t eczema usually itchy? I find most pump soaps make it worse. I have not taken the medicine like prescribed…I’ve heard it’s not good for long term use.So I just keep my hands well moisturized. It’s a real nuisance having this…Any suggestions other than what the dermatololgist
s prescribe?

Hey Sunny 1,

As far as hand soaps I use Dove unscented and it works well with my skin.
Sometimes my ezcema isn’t itchy, just plain rough and dry. Over the years i
have tried many different things, precribed medicine and non prescribed. One
thing i have found that HELPS ALOT is eating Alot of raw carrots. Something
in the carrots helps my skin heal much fast and releives alot of the
redness. Also o the medicines, when I have a breakout I will only use the
medicine for 4-5 days and then just mosturize, moisturize, moisturize. Yeah
it sucks , but just making it routine helps. My mom still gices me crap
every time I see her for not moisturizing enough :frowning: Anyways I also
found this new cream, it’s a little expensive but I think that it help
reatin alot of the essential oils in my skin , when I get home tonite i will
email the brand name of that stuff. Remember no matter how shitty it gets
sometimes, there always someone out there who has it worse, alot of ezcema
sufferers need to know alot of the condition can be harnessed mentally. Try
some good ole fashioned meditation and see yourself healing. I hope this
helps …AJ

From: Sunny1
Subject: Re: [eczema] Moisturisers.
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 22:32:14 -0400

HI Applejack,
Thanks for the reply…what kind of medicine do you use when it flares up, is it prescribed or over the counter?
Let me know the name of that cream also, when you get a chance…
I use Dove soap also, but the bar soap is not always available, especially when I"m at work.!!
And forget those sanitizers, Purell, etc…they really make it worse, too much alcohol content in them…
Sometimes I have a bad habit of biting on my knuckles when I"m under stress, or waiting for a red light to turn green…lol… like someone who bites on their fingernails…
Take care,

I am also guilty of biting my knuckles and fingers. I use a combo of both
from (unprescribed) cortizone 10 to (prescribed)triciniclone 1%. i will get
the spelling of it and get it to you tonight. Also take oatmeeal bath every
opnce in a while too. and I also really like the Aveeno hand lotions that
are in any local drug store. A little expensive, but worth it. My skin does
not react well with lanolin(sheep byproduct I think) so be careful for that
or ask you doctor. My dermatologist had me also try these light treatments
using UV light. It was just like standing in a tanning booth, but my
insurance wanted to charge me up the wahoo, so I figure i can take care of
myself, god knows I lived with this condition for 28 years. But eat a lot of
CARROTS!!! You will be surprised. Much love from Austin, Tx.


From: Sunny1
Subject: Re: [eczema] Moisturisers.
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 12:02:18 -0400

Hi AJ,

I have heard of those UV rays…it’s a blue or purple light I think…

I have tried the Aveeno Oatmeal hand lotion, and it works well…but right now I am using Curell, that I keep on me…seems to be ok…but at home
I use Nivea cream “pure moisture” body lotion…it is great.all the creams are good “temporarily”, they just don’t last long enough.

Hugs from Florida,

Give the fragrance free nutrogena a try and the lotion that helps my skin
retain it’s moisture is CeraVe. go to for more info. I think
it costs $17 for a 16oz container. Much love from Texas!


From: Sunny1
Subject: Re: [eczema] Moisturisers.
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 18:10:29 -0400

Hello Applejack and Sunny1,
I’ve been following your conversation and this is exactly why I joined up to this site in the first place. I really liked the information on carrots; I’ve spent all day slapping my head going “of course, of course”. A lot of skin repair products on the market are derivatives from vitamin A, and carrots are full of the stuff.
The soap bar thing always has me a little puzzled; I have always been led to believe that if it froths then it will contain detergents, which are skin sensitisers. So I always advocate non-soap products, and the use of emollients like emulsifying ointment (but it doesn’t give that perceived clean feel), but within the same vein sanitizers are an absolute nightmare for sensitive hands. I have managed to get our infection control team to support the use of a product “Dermol 500” for nurses who suffer from hand dermatitis, as it not only moisturisers but has antibacterial properties.
Regards from a very wet Huddersfield

IT’s always good to hear from others!! I have been using Cetaphil since I
was a child and it works well. And you know what really works well, is some
one that can stand behind you all the way, my girlfriend and I have been
together for about 2 and a half years. Recently I my dermatitis went haywire
and she was there for me all the way. It was comforting and helped me
realize that we can’t do this alone. Even though sometimes we feel like we
are…we never are… regards from AUSTIN!!! aj

From: davida
Subject: Re: [eczema] Moisturisers.
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 16:27:09 +0000

HI davida,

As for raw carrots…can’t eat them raw, have to steam them…Actually, a baked sweet potatoe is a bit higher in vitamin A than carrots…but love all the beta carotene foods anyway…
Nice to read your reply…

Try Virgin Emu Oil as a Moisturizer. It has worked on my arm. I had eczema bad until I started using it. There also is a product called the Skin Doctor which is a Natural Eczema treatment I found on

I hope it works as well for you guys as it does for me.

Nancy Hartness