my daughter is almost three and has eczema, seasonal, environmental, and food allergies-finally we got the eczema under control after many failed meds and remedies…now they say her new bumbs are molluscum-we’ve been doing oatmeal baths since the doc says theres no cure for it—they say a lot of the time the body doesnt recongnize it and they have to put a liquid on it to burst them open so the body will heal them. my daughter, miss itchy :), has found them and itched them and theyre open-so no liquid for her…but it seems to bother her especially when its on the eczema. anybody have any experience with this? tried to do my own research to find something out, but with no luck…with the eczema most of what we found out to help her was from me spending hours at libraries…so a little disheartening there’s not much info on this…thanks