Mommy Of Camden and Blaize


I have been ill since I had my daughter 2 years ago, just very fatigued. I went to the ER after an episode with numbness and pain in my right side and vertigo. The Doctor said the CT scan showed pale spots. Then ordered an MRI. I have 11 lesions in my brain, some forming dawson’s fingers. I have numbness, fatigue and weakness in my right side, arm and leg. I have visual disterbances from loosing color and vision in one eye when I am over heated, to loosing half the vision in the other eye, Like a black hole or spot in the other eye for a while. These disterbances do go away.

My MS specialist said I am one exacerbation from a diagnosis. I just want to function and feel better. I am afraid to drive in case the visual disterbances happen in route to my son’s school or somthing.

I have been sick before with chonic disease, but nothing this devistating. It is consumming us at the moment.

How did you get diagnosed?