More meds!

hello to anyone out there my names fizzy ive just been infiormed to up my meds to 600mg of lithum at night gawd i be drinking large rivers next i already have enough trouble trying not drink lots as it is and the amount of running to the bathroom iam doing i shouldnt moan really someone out there inform me that this sort of dose is normal? what ever that is just hoping this flare dont hit me sails or have me going up with it my sleepness is fabulous to a certian point but gets a bit of a pain in the neck! stop messaging now sure this is just my excuse to write drivel - thanks fizzy

Hi. Thanks for your message. Things have become quite hectic and I may not be able to read my mail as often as I’d like. I hope to be back soon.


well, this what i’ve read:

lithium doses can be as low as 300mg/day and as high as 1800mg/day.

don’t try to limit how much water you drink. People on lithium need to drink 2.5 to 3 quarts of water a day. Lithium in your brain is a good thing. High lithium levels in your kidneys is a bad thing, so you need water to flush it out. If you don’t the side effects can be worse.

The goal with lithium is to keep a stable amount in your blood, and this will vary from person to person. So, your doc should have you taking regular blood tests to check your blood lithium level. Too little won’t be much help, and too much can cause problems. And the only way to tell is with blood tests. So you’re gonna have to learn to “put up with” that little needle!

This info came from but there’s a whole lot more there. Remember to ask your doc any questions about it!


thanks for the information c i shall look on the website as well i go for weekly blood tests at the hospital every monday morning, and i shall drink plenty they did say at least my kidneys are doing their job so as you say i put up with the little needle - fizzy