Multiple sclorsis

is there anyone out there that can help me understand it im 22 scared and being told im a high risk of having it im going for a mri on my brain tonight because they found inflamtion on my spinal cord and not sure why i went all numb and could not use the bathroom

I didn’t read this until after sending you the message. I am too in the middle of being diagnosed. I have numbness right side, back pain, loss of vision on and off both eyes, mild cognative loss, fatigue and weakness. I have 9-11 lesions in my brain. I have darwin finger shaped lesions and Utoff symptom. I see my MS specialist next Monday. This is a very long process and a very scary diagnosis. Hang in there. Okay!

I am so sorry you are going through this. Do not be afraid to ask for meds to help you through the MRI, even if you are not clausterophibic, the tube is small and it can be a long time holding still. Please let me know what the MRI reads, try to get the MRI on disk so you have a copy to take to other Doctor visits.

Call the MS Society for more information at 1-800-Fight ms. They will send you a ton of literature and you will have someone to talk to on the phone when the Doctors are being confusing or your symptoms get weird. Call them any time.

Again. I know how hard this is I am send you praryers and hugs.