My 12 yo is having heart surgery

Monday my 12yo dd will have heart surgery to repair an ASD Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Cshells!

Hi hope all goes well for your 12 year old i will say a prayer and I’m
confident all will go well. Good luck robyn

God bless to the mom who’s dtr has to have heart surg. your dtr is in my
prayers If anyone can heal her God and the surgens can pray for the
surgens,too Let God guide his hands with skill and knowledge and loveto heal
your sweet little girland help her be well again.God is all knowing and he
will do whatever needs to be done for her.Hold on to your Faith! In Jesus
name! love and health toall of you connie lamberti

Hi just wondering how your 12 year old went with her op. Hope all is well robyn

Hello. I am away until June 24, 2007 and am unable to read your message.

I really hope all went well for your daughter…

I am presently out of the office. For help please contact:

Rafaela Delanuez

Thanks so much for everyones thoughts and prayers Thank goodness it all seemed to go well. Still reelling from the whole process, feeling moments of anxiety, soo fatigued, still worried a lot fo the time about whether something will happen with her heart. My sister is being witchy very uncaring to my dd and I gees! Thanks for listening and caring! Cshells

ive very glad to hear it went well :slight_smile: .

What a stressful time it all has been for your family. I’m glad to hear that the surgery is over.
Take a deep breath, ignore the sister and prepare for the recovery stage!
Best wishes to you, your daughter and your family.

I am very glad all is going well I asked the god, jesus, spiritual guides, and angels to watch over her love robyn.