My daughter ,10, has bp

Today, invitations were passed out in class. Well, to both 5th grade classes to the girls. My daughter was not invited. This is the second time this has happened. This time, she was more irritated that it was in front of her, rather than hurt that she wasn't included. Or so she says. The other girl had hurt her feelings more, because she and Kaia are friendlier to each other.

I don't care if my daughter is the most popular girl in class, but I hate that she is left out of things so often.  When she doesn't have symptoms, she is  great.  She's also the youngest in her class, and still likes fairytales and imagination games. In fact, now that she is on her meds, she is playing catch up because alot of times when she was little she was too ill to play pretend. 

I was so mad, I was  tempted to throw Kaia a party and ruin this little girls birthday. But then I came to my senses and told Kaia she would kill her with kindness and we would be sure to give the child a nice gift or some cookies on her birthday. 

Now I can't sleep because I want my daughter to be accepted for who she is, but I tell her not to seek the approval of others. She wanted to leave the gym she goes to because the coach "doesn't care how hard she tries" I got really mad at her for wanting to be a quitter, and yelled at her. As long as she does her best, I said, she shouldn't care what anyone thinks. But here I am, losing sleep because she was left out of a birthDAY party.

Ouch, kids can be so creul can’t they? My daughter who is also 10 had an epileptic siezure in her class last year, and the kids just isolated her. It was so hurtful. I prayed every night to God last year that she could just have one friend that she could be close with. It is so hard isn’t it? On the one hand you want them to be strong and “not care” what others think, yet at the same time you want to teach them how to react with kindness and learn forgiveness. Luckily this year has been a lot easier for my daughter, but she sometimes is “too” nice to people because she is so afraid they will regect her.  Well, I don’t know if it will make things any better but my daughter chats on MSN (very closelymonitered by me of course) and she loves meeting new freinds. If you and your daughter would like maybe they could talk to each other online. I understand if maybe you don’t like that idea. It’s hard to know who to trust out there. Take care of yourself mom. I’m sure eventually things will work themselves out. But I do understand how you feel.

If we can get our MSN started back up, I would love to have them 'talk'.  Kaia loves the computer, and it is closely monitored as well. She is restricted from it right now, only allowed to use it on bad weather days because she tends to get too hooked on it.

Thanks for your encouragement. 

That’s great! Message me privately when that happens. I’m sure you understand I don’t want to publisize any info, not that anyone here would probobly do anything.In the meantime, again take care of yourself. Children are amazingly risiliant (did I spell that right?) My daughter Kira is looking forward to meeting her.

Hi , my grandaughter that is also 10 this year, is bp, but her Mom is in the process of getting a proper diagnosis for her; and believe me, I know exactly what you are saying about how cruel kids can be., Her school mates are beginning to see how different she is then they are,and are beginning to make fun of her and leave her out as well. My grandaughter gets her feelings hurt easily now, bkz she sees the difference they are treating her compared to her classmates. She also DOESN’t think like the other kids in her class does. She gets along better with kids that are younger then she is. Her imagination runs WILD and she can talk and talk about absolutely nothing, and from one topic to another without even stopping or taking a breath. (lol) I am also bipolar, so I can really relate to my grandaughter. However, I didn’t have the acting out episodes that she has, as my home life was a lot more stable then hers. (my mom didn’t work, my mom and dad rarely fought, at least I didn’t hear them if they did, however, I was sexually abused by my two uncles at a very young age). But even with the sex abuse, my home life in general was stable compared to my grandaughters. No this is n’t the problem, but certainly adds to the problem. Now with school ending, my grandaughter is not doing well, too many changes for her. I don’t know what to tell my daughter, since she has to work. If any one has any suggestions, please feel free to email me at: or
Thank you,