My daughter's up coming surgery

My daughter went through such a painful and hard road. But now for nearly 2 years, she has been a pain free, normal, happy child. She is due in 5 months to see the plastic surgery team to decide what type of plastic surgery she will need, what has to be done. I want this for her because I know how much it will mean for her when she is older. I know that people judge, and I want them to judge her, not her hermagioma. But I Do have reservation about putting her through pain again. I’m angry that I have to hurt my little girl now, so people will not hurt her in the future. Why can she just stay the way she is you know. I dread the day I have to hand her over to them doctors again. It was so hard when she went to get her port put in and then taking out. And that was little, plastic surgery is big. I worry for her mentally. Because of all her doctors visits, the poking and proding, she is so scared of people. She is so shy and nervous around other, even her family sometimes. I’m worried that this will put more strain on her. I guess I need to hear that I"m doing the right thing, and that she will be alright. Or will I be scarring her for life. Mentally instead of phyically.

Thank you so much for this information; I will follow up on this.

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Have you gone onto Yahoo Hemangioma groups site yet? The owner of this site also owns the Yahoo site as well. I do remember on that site there was also a little girl, now grown up, who also has had many visits to the Dr’s like your little one. I will copy and paste here one of her messages from that site -
Hello and welcome,
My dd, Melissa, turned six in February. She had/has hemangiomas on her lower lip to chin area, her cheek, her jawline and a small one near her right ear. She’s had Interferon, steroid injections, a couple of surgeries plus several laser treatments to help her look “normal”. Although it isn’t perfect, her self-esteem is quite high.
If you’d like to see Melissa, I have a webpage for her -

I did try and click on the weblink but I think it has expired. If I were you, I’d go into the Yahoo Hemangioma site, in the messages section, on the top of the page, click on the Oldest section and look for question #20 (or any questions,replys from Laurie, pur31ple. Or you can also go into the members section and look for Laurie, pur31ple . You can email her. I really belive she can help you with any questions, etc. She helped alot of people on that site with any questions, etc. I remember she had a really nice web page with a lot of info on this and plenty of pics of her daughter and how her marks have changed from birth to toddler, etc. She might be able to help you and truly understands where you are coming from. She has been through all of these things you mentioned in your journal with her daughter Mellissa. I also listed a bunch of links to visit for any info needed on hemangiomas on the link section on Yahoo Hemangiomas. Check them out. Example, Nova, etc. I hope I helped you out a little bit. Hang in there. I wish you and your little one the best of wishes and many precious years to come!

Thank you for your reply.