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Hello everyone. I know i hardly ever post on here but man i have to get some frustrations out about things. I need to vent. OK so i have been feeling weird lately. especially when i wake up in the AM and after eating i get really dizzy. My hair started to fall out and i am running to the restroom because i have drunken a gallon of water in one day. When i swallow it feels like there is something stuck in there and it wont go away. So i started exercising in hopes that i could avoid the same future my mother,grandmother and aunt hold. But today my mother checked my levels after dinner. She waited a little over an hour and checked it and it was in the 300's. I was floored. Maby that is why i felt like i was having hot flashes after eating. So now i have to go see a doc and get a blood glucose test again. I have drunken that orange stuff so much it is not even funny. When i was pregnant with both kids my docs checked it alot. Especially with my second kid cause my first was born 11lbs 7oz. So anyway i just needed to vent cause i am frustrated now. I put alot of effort into eating right and getting exercise and my levels were high. Huuuu(sigh) Thanks for letting me vent.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Ashley, Your life is not over! Diabetes type 2 as in your case is possibly reversable. The dangers are always there, but with the excercise, proper eating and Good repore with your doctor(!!!) the blood sugar levels can be brought down to a very good level (80 _110). eventually you might even be able to discontinue taking glucophage …metformin HCL. Your local hospitals also offer diabetes classes. (I went to the classes with Laurie!) The classes are a bit pricey, but well worth it.

Dear Ashley, I think I became diabetic because of my weight gain. Or was it visa versa. Heredity definately is a big factor. I was never disciplined about diet or exercise, only when I was on a diet. I do know the excess thirst and the other things you mentioned were tip offs. I was diagnosed after a fasting blood test at 272. So I went on metformin and actos. Now my blood glucose stays in the normal range. The worst foods proved to be my favorite foods pasta, pizza. I now use all whole grains, nothing bleached, 1% milk healthy salads , small amts of lean meat and fruit in the correct amount. I do cheat occasionally because some things must be eaten occasionally. Like a piece of dark chocholate, yum. Now found to be loaded with antioxidents. I don,t like “diet foods” so I try to have good meals with regular food. I don,t find it interferes with my life at all. And I also enjoy drinking wine with meals. I just watch those numbers. Life is for enjoying. And do you know what When I feel like venting, I vent. Good for you love. Sometimes its ok to worry or get ticked off. I do it all the time. Must be the red hair LOL warm hugs to you Ashley, Love gramms
Just go to your doctor and get checked. Ps My hospital gave free classes and private sessions to teach management of diet . Your doctor can write out a script for them if you need them.