My Mother was just told she has a tumor on her Pancreas

My Mom is 80 yrs old and in very good health. She has had swollen feet and in the process of evaluating her they did a CT scan and found a small tumor on her duct at the panreas. As of today we do not know if it is cancer. What are chances this is not cancer? I am going crazy waiting for the MRI and the Endoscopic Test. With the Holidays and her age the testing is such a slow process. I live in Ca and she is in Mi.



From someone that has Pancreatic Cancer…Please keep these questions in mind when dealing with your mother.

  1. Finding out specifically what kind of Pancreatic Cancer she has is #1 priority. Until you find out what specific kind, you don’t know how to treat it. MRI will show alot as will CT…endoscopic biopsies are difficult at best, and are often misleading. Please let me know when you find out and I will try and help you navigate through. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at ""…
    Marcie Reber, RN, BSN, MSM
    Diagnosed Pancreatic Cancer 2000…now in remission

we had it the other way. my brother lived in ca and w all lived in mi.
there is a group called the hope group in michigan…andy johnson lives in walled lake mi… his sister lived in CA had pancreatic cancer. stage 4 four months to live. a month went by he heard of cantron sent it to her and after 3 weeks they could not find the cancer!

his info is in the group files and thre is a cantron yahoo group i put numbers of people to call for help in the database there.

the group meets once a month but not dec. but you dont have to wait that month…

this group is made up from older people that are trying to continue to get out the info about cantron. they do not make any money but put a lot of thir money and time into helping others. they will get you the product at wholesale! plus any other supplements you might need for your mother,

when they found the ployop sp in my gallblader i took the cantron for thre weeks and it was benign even though what i read 'the size was always cancer".

i didnt want cancer on my medical records! that was 3 years ago.

there are other groups the rational wellness groups that meet in other areas that you can also get cantron at wholesale prices and they talk of other things to help with cancer. chuck miller is a contact person… the meeting dates`and locations are in the database also.

check out the videos of cantron on these ites also do a pancreatic cancer search on that site and see surgeries! also check for world without cancer and other videos on altnative cancer treatmrnts…all i have ever found is cantron is the easiest and fastes for pancreatic cancer!

i first added videos to and some are broke up in subject bu you can find the whole videos on the other site.

also check out

they say you can stop cancer but you must rid the body of the toxic waste the die off turns into and drinking distilled water and some doeses of willard water is the fastes way to rid the body of the waste.

after taking cantron for a while i would do the mastercleanse to rid the body of even more waste. if you are under weight they say you will gain weight.

andy has helped over 6,000 people…what area is she in?

blesings debbie

robertscholtz wrote:


i know there is like 12 or more diferent kinds of pancreatic cancer you can find it on

there’s info on the john hopkins site… i had a file i had all typed and i would send it out each to each new member. i had to replace my blackberry and have not redone he file.

the group oner could have a email sent auto to each new member to check all the info in the files links, database and photoalbums.

i forgot that cantron can help if you have to take chemo but we also had someone on this group that found out her husband didnt have cancer after a`second opinion… more info in the files from other’s postings.

we have 10 people that posted in the database about their loved ones and pancreatic cancer.

marcie it would be grat if you would had some info to the database and files.

the doctors most of the time say your stage 4 we will chemo you until you cant take it any more there is nothing we can do.they dont even go into anything else. like with my brother they found masses on his liver in march 2004 said you dont need any more test… he already had stress test. and other things…by june he found cancer by nov 2004 he was gone.

you do have to push the issue with hmos to keep testing and find how why and what…

blessings debbie

Marcie77 wrote:

I concur with Marcie. If a biopsy is performed, be sure an adequate
tissue size is obtained and it should be fresh frozen and not
paraffin-embedded (FFPE). Using the ‘fresh frozen’ method allows for
both advanced immunohistochemistries and DNA microarray analysis of the
tissue while formalin-fixing limits testing to immunochemistry.
is not compatible with the DNA microarray testing so it is important to
fresh freeze the tissue.

I know of a company that has had an ongoing ‘trial’ who will perform a
limited number of relevant tests of these types. Because it is in a 'trial’
they will bill one’s insurance but if the insurance does not pay, the
owes nothing. Because it is a ‘trial’ only certain tests are performed so
additional, relevant testing (for pancreatic cancer) should be requested
(some of these can be done with local labs) and one should be ready
to have to pay for these.

This is the company and contact information.

Arlet Alarcon, M.D.

Manager, Target Now/Horizon

Molecular Profiling Institute (MP)

445 N. 5th Street, 3rd Floor

Phoenix, AZ. 85004

(602) 358-8982 (direct)

(602) 358-8920 (fax)

There are requirements for participation. Dr Arlet will send you
pertinent information. Act now, in advance and direct physicians
to perform as needed as they will not likely handle/preserve any
tissue samples from biopsies in an ideal way to optimize testing

Also, if it is pancreatic cancer, it may have been caught early enough
for potentially curative surgery. While this is uncommon, if it is
and has not yet spread outside of the pancreas…it is possible.



Marcie77 wrote:

I too have swollen feet but I have a magliant tumor and have been on chemo.
Alll my tests are normal including ultra sounds of legs and feet guess the
cancer does it.
v defendorf [mother
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What is cantron and how does it work


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Swollen feet can be cause by many things especially at
the age of eighty: water retention, congestive heart failure,
sodium sensitivity, poor circulation, et al.



mother wrote:

my brother had swollen legs after chemo and radiation

mother wrote:

the videos have directions and testimonies.
if you watch the cancer cure that works it is distilled water and some how they erase the memory and add minerals making it an antioxident. the research says antioxidents help with cancer.

you shake the bottle fill a dropper bottle and every 4 to 6 hours put two dropper full of cantron after you shake under the tongue and hold for lie five min. then shallow if you can stomach it you can spit out after`holding under the tongue sublingule is the fastest to absorb. every 6 hours if your liver is involed.

somehing about the vibration. i understand one of the first experments was injecting glass fish with cancer in two different fish tanks next to each other. treated one tank putting cantron in the water. the tank with cantron were cured but because of the vibration both tanks were cured. it doesn’t cure cancer but helps the body by correcting ‘something’ so yut body can fight the cancer or diabeties, aids, ms, lupus, and many more things.

the hope group recommends a published cancer diet and other suppliments dr maras recommends drkeley also.

some say you can’t take vit c but the group says just not large amounts over 3,000mg which is the amount that dr rath recommends video can be watched on line too.

its very inexpensive others on the cancercured group that have used cantron to cure brain cancer and other cancer.

i hope this helps i know the videos have more info…

the fda stopped the giving away of cantron twice…it can only be sold as food supplement not a cancer cure. it had two other names.

when the fda came after dr maras with guns "throwing him down and hurting him so that a few years ater he died of that injury. they took apricot kernals from his clinic.

the fda doesnt want a cure it will hurt to many bussinesses.

watch the world without cancer there is two videos.

mother wrote:

it is also liver failure can be caused by cancer treatment. so if the liver is involed or blocked by a tumor blocking the bile duct port.

blessings debbie

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