My MS Story


My name is Rebeka. I’m 22 and was diagnosed 2 years ago with multiple sclerosis. I had a pretty rough time for my first year and a half, having relapses every couple of months. It’s been six months now since I’ve had a relapse…so i’m happy about that.

I just became a mom to a beautiful 2 year old baby girl. I’m unable to work outside the home, but my baby girl keeps me busy.

I also just finished work on my first book. It’s over Multiple Sclerosis. I’m starting work on my second book, it’s over lupus. They are both a collection of stories from people who deal with these diseases! And stories from friends and family members.

So i just wanted to say hi! Hope everyone is doing well.

I relapsing remitting MS. Thanks

What are, or have been your symptoms? How many times a year do you have an exacerbation? Do you get hospitalized when you do have one?

I have had relapses about every 3 months!! I have only been hospitalized for one, thank goodness…i have had out patient steroids for all of the others. My symptoms include (there’s a ton, but these are my main ones) dizziness, trouble keeping my balance, fatigue, bladder control issues, and muscle spasms.

What kind of issues have you had? I try not to take anything other than my betaseron, but occasionally i have to take muscle relaxers so i can sleep at night? Do you have to take any medication for your symptoms?

My symptoms started after an allergic reaction to Allergy shots of all things August 15th 2006. My throat closed and Ihad to get an epi shot and prenizone 70mg. In November I had an attack of dizziness, weakness and numbness on my right side and left lip. I have vision that blurs and looses color when I am over heated. I get the MS hug a lot now. For a while my back went out, but I had 6 cortizone shots to help with that and I wear a back brace and I have physical therapy. I also wear a knee brace. It is called a J brace because my muscle will not pull my patella in the correct direction. I have cognative problems and have had neuro-psyche testing which has shown so mild dysfunction in memory and congnative skills. They also believe I have anxiety and some depression. I am on muscle relaxants (not often), lunesta to sleep, xanex .25 for the anxiety and I take meds for allergies, asthema, and thyroid problems. I am taking a ton of supplaments and doing yoga following the FitMS tapes. I walk with a cane, but not if I can help it.

I hope this answers your question.