Need advice

When I wash my son out (2months old) he has blood coming out of his anus? Is this normal? He doesn’t have a temp, and he is eating more then well…He eats 4 oz every hour, and seems to still be hungry…I’m not getting a lot of poo out of him at a time. I think the wash outs are hurting him, he doesn’t cry (well towards the end he does) but there is blood coming out. Not a whole lot, but enough.

Please HELP


does your son have an ostomy? how long has he had it and what kind of hd does he have? My son had an ostomy, and the only time he would bleed out his rectum is if he had a really bad rash around it. My advice is to call his dr. My mom always told me it what they are there for, and it’s not worth worrying about when you can just pick up the phone and ask. I hope he is ok.

I will add him to my prayer list,
Zach’s mom