Nephew may have AS

I’m new to this group. My nephew (who is 3), may have AS. I would like to know how I could help him, as his Aunt. I have 2 jobs and an otherwise crazy schedule and feel very guilty about not always being able to be around him. With this being said, in what ways can I help and be supportive?

My email name is Shez but please call me Sheri. The first thing you MUST do
is give him a good, thorough evaluation. Preferably the place in which you
live has a special team specifically for Aspergers. Otherwise, you need a
neurologist and a psychiatrist to evaluate him. I live in N.Y.and the NYU
Child study Center has a great team working only with Aspergers. Johns Hopkins
in Maryland is also wonderful, and there’s also a great place in
Pittsburgh. California and UItah are also well known for their work with Aspergers,
as is England and Australia. GRASP is an organization that deals only with
Aspergers ( and they could certaily point you in the right direction.

Good luck!
Let me know what happens.

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