Does anyone know a neurologist or facility who specializes in disorders of the CC in or around the Tennessee area?

Dear Kristy:
My son Alex was diagnosed at Vanderbilt. We had a Dr. Anthony Kilroy
322-0660. At first I did not like him. Really didn’t like him, but
looking back it may have been a touch of “kill the messenger”. He was
right on with the diagnosis and was very good with me after I got
over the shock. Mind you, this was 12 years ago and the outlook was a
bit different then. Plus he had good nurses, I rate my doctors by the
nurses, since they are the people who can describe this stuff in real
world and mom lanquage (except our current Neuro, who I think is
God’s gift to special needs moms, but he isn’t in Nashville).
I also had a GREAT pediatrician, in Franklin, Dr. Albertson, in
Franklin, very good with special needs kids, 261-kids and the BEST
dentist: Dr. Buzz Alexander 615 790-3444. He opened early for Alex so
the exam was quiet and when my husband left (took the money and
insurance) he comp’ed Alex’s dental work. If you need a good speech
person, I can give you that and a few contacts, mine are mostly in
Williamson County and from when we moved 3 years ago.
Hard to believe, but I miss the South.
Julie, mum to Alex C-ACC, moving on to 6th grade, in Portland, OR