New and so many questions

Hello all, I am so happy to have found this group. My daughter Miriam is 8 months old and has Microphthalmia in her left eye. She has very little vision in this eye and we have a contact lens to try and get vision in the eye. Her right eye was very long sighted but has come back to normal vision for her age. She also has a streak in her eye were there is no colour. The PO has said that they don’t believe that her eyes will ever work together and they are not sure if it is even woth mucking around with a contact lens as they think they may have missed the boat as we did not discover it untill she was 4 months old.
My girl is very little for her age, and is developmental behind, she has low musle tone, and has several allergies. We are having lots of intervention with her and lots of test, assessments done. I am intrested to see if this is a comon story or not. Her eyes are very deep set and it makes it very dificult to insert the contact lens.

Looking for any support, advice etc.

New Zealand

I’m sure by now you have your answer!! But, we tried the contact thing when our 10yr now was a baby and it was a Nightmare!!! We hated it! It was very expensive and hard contact lenses just crazy!! I don’t recommend it. You don’t want to get an eye infection and cost what little vision your child could possibly have!