New baby with CF

Hi, we found out today that my 2 week old grandaughter has Cystic Fibrosis, she had Merconium Ileus when born and had surgery…she has a bag at the moment which should be reversed within the next week. she is doing well in NICU at present


Thanks for reminding me I need to update on Lena. she is now 8 mths old and is doing really well. So far, no issues with her lungs, digetive or any other problems. She has her daily treatments, physio x2, a/b’s, enzymes, vitamins and salt supplement x2 daily. Lena is also loving being on solids, she is so cute and sits there with her mouth open ready for her food. She has 4 teeth and also is crawling everywhere. she will start swimming lessons this coming week, the pool is indoor and is salt water. Hopefully the salt water will be of benefit to her lungs.