New diaganosed and looking for baking recipes

Hello everyone, my 9 year old son was just diaganosed as being Fructose Intolerant and we seem to be managing the diet fine but he really misses the baking. So far all I have been told is to make his bread in the bread machine with Dextrose…that works great but is there any recipes out there so that I can still bake for him?

I bake all the time and find self rising flour a God send. I bake bread and biscuits with about three times the amount a yeast and half the amount of sugar and let it rise for a long time. The yeast uses up all the sugar and turns it into alcohol and makes it taste real good. I eat only dark green vegitables and plain meat. I am lucky to be married to a microbiologist and my Mother (who was a Masters level biologist) had to deal with three children all with HFI. The important thing is for your son to learn to spit out anything sweet. If you do not he could develop brain lessions and liver problems. I am on cooking groups for any organization I am a member. I have learned to read about label and avoid all sugar more than 1 gram per serving. Watch the dextrose as it is somtimes not dextrose in food products and can be fructose. Watch the brown rice, pinto beans and packaged Macaroni and cheese. Almost any prepared food is loaded with fructose. Charles L. Mims

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I bake my own bread. I make the dough without sugar :
500g flour, 300g water, 14g dry yeast, 6g salt. let rise about 45 to 60 minutes and bake in a prewarmed oven on 180° for 25 minutes.
Cookies I make with Tagatesse or Prodia.
Lovely greetings, Anne-Marie

Dear Gm.
I have a son who is 8 with what we think is HFI, more testing to come I’m sure. He failed his breath test with a 60. I have been working on changing the diet finding food,and I’m sure every thing you are going through. I would like to send you my personal email. I need someone else who has a son with the same issues. My son today said " I wish I knew one other person with this problem." He has had a very rough time in school lately as he is incontinent we hope only from his diet. My child is the size of an average 5 year old,is very gifted, loves to read, play the piano, chess, and baseball. If you are interested in them becoming pen pal, e-mail friend or the likes please respond. to Bharrison

Thank you to all the answers to my question as to how to bake. We have already figured out how to do the bread thing. I was hoping to be able to bake cookies, birthday cakes etc for him. Everything we have tried just comes out like a brick! We will keep plugging along, at least my son has comes to terms with what he is allowed. He finds it especially hard at birthday parties though. I guess the reason he has comes to terms with it so easily is because he sees that he is actually growing now, that is very exciting considering he is the smallest in his class.

Thank you again to all, any other ideas, food ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.