New dx for my son - 6 yrs. old

My son has had vomiting & constipation problems ever since he was born. They were not serious enough to cause him to lose weight - just more annoying. The doctors were baffled because he has always had a good weight, always smiled, looked healthy and all labs were just fine.

Well, my daughter has autoimmune enteropathy and her problem with her intestines is very serious. Her doctor wanted to do some tests on him and ended up taking him to surgery because of intestinal malrotation! I was utterly SHOCKED!!

Well, he had a very, very mild case - and I have since learned of the seriousness. Our biggest problem is his vomiting. He ONLY vomits at a mealtime (which used to be once a week, but since surgery on July3 - has only vomited 3 times).

Now we are dealing with him eating. We always thought he was just a picky eater - but he began vomiting the food he liked - so we knew that wasn’t right. Anyway, since we feel he should be able to eat anything - but he is scared and cries. He thinks the food makes him throw up - so he is getting pickier (even though he has only vomited 3 times in almost 2 months).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this normal for malrotation? I’m just flabbergasted!