New Fibromyalgia Group Forums


Hello again, everybody!  We finally have a FMS '

' to call our own and, so far, we have 30 new members!  Just wanted to pass along some important news about our new Fibromyalgia group.

We've changed the name of our FMS group forum to 'Fibromyalgia - Our General Discussion' vs. 'Fibromyalgia - General Discussion' to avoid any confusion with our community forum of the same name.  Hopefully, the addition of the word 'OUR' will distinguish one forum from the other, the 'GROUP' forum from the 'COMMUNITY' forum.

While you're welcome to continue posting here in the "Fibromyalgia - General Discussion" forum within the 'Fibromyalgia

', please don't forget to introduce yourself or to tell your FMS 'horror story' in our group forums as well.  We have a 'General Discussion' forum where you can say hello to everyone as well as a 'Fibromyalgia - Our Fibromyalgia Discussion' forum where you can discuss FMS and your other related disorders.

Please note that there's a few quirks within the group site.  For example, our group description doesn't show up on the group profile page, but if you do a search for Fibromyalgia from the Group tab, you'll see three groups with the same name that are actually all the same group.  CarePlace has been notified of this and is working to correct the problem.  We also have no group picture.  We've been told that there is a problem with the group and journal pictures and Support is working on this, too.  There's a few other little problems as well that have already been passed on to the Support team, but if you discover anything else that may have been missed, please let us know.  You can send a message directly to Support or send one of the moderators at the FMS group (not the FMS community) a Private Message and tell us what the problem is.  We'll let you know if it's been reported already or not and possibly what CarePlace told us as to when it'll be fixed, OK?

Hope everybody had a great holiday.  'Till next time.....

SBernheart  [;}]