New girl here


just want to learn as much as i can about Lupus so i can be a better support for my friend who is struggling with it. she does not give straight answers about the disease process so I hope to learn here…any advice is greatly appreciated since all my friend tells me contradicts itself…


Hello Alice D,

Welcome to Lupus Support, how kind of you to want to help your friend, and be involved with this disease, it can be a very complicated illness to say the least.
However, in order to better help you or your friend, may I ask, just what it is that you say is a contradiction? Is she being evasive? She many not know much herself, it takes time and lots of research to learn all we can about our disease, Lupus can involve so many things.

Do you have some specific questions, if so ask away, if I cannot help you I’m sure someone here at the support group will jump to the front of the line and help out.

You can go to almost any Lupus website and they have a plethora of information on Lupus…

My best to you and your friend,



She probably is just learning about it herself.

When I first found out 22 years ago, Different DR told me different things, some of them still do, there has been a lot of things discovered since then, but you need to make certain your info is up to date.