New Group... Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

I noticed a dichotomy between members of these groups and realized there is a need for a seperate group for adult children of Narcissistic Parents.

Here is information on the group.

I noticed a need for a group focusing on healing and recovery from our traumatic childhoods from Narcissistic Parents. We all share the common bond of having NO CHOICE in our relationship with the Narcissist. As we were small children learning about the world we were shamed, attacked, criticized and emotionally abused by N Parents who still effect our self esteem today.

I want this forum to be a safe place for support, venting, networking and healing.


I think many of us have suffered from the chaos and drama that our N parent created for us enough. This forum will be dedicatd exclusively to healing, support, networking and recovery.

I will try and regulary post tools for healing such a meditation and “wise mind” excercises. I encourage you all to do the same.

Im not interested nor will I tolerate in this group flayming of any kind, fingerpointing at other members, witch hunts, mean girl cliques, narcissistic attacks and alienation nor the narcissistic smear campaign.

Many narcissists lurk in the NPD forums on here as means to feed their narcissistic supply. This will not be tolerated.

I want this to be a santuary of support, love, and healing.

Welcome and lets work together to learn how to spot narcissists in our life and rid ourselves of their power!!