New here need advice

HI my name Is DenIse I am 38 years old pregnant wIth number 7 I am now 24 weeks and was told my baby gIrl most lIckly has DIGeorge syndrome due to an fetal echo done last Tuesday they found tetralogy of Fallot and Interrupted aortIc arch. The doctors say that Is consIstent wIth dIgeorge syndrome. Of course I was told I should have an amnIo rIght away but I refused. I would not termInate any ways. My questIon Is dId any one have an ultrasound and was told thIs. Just by the ultrasound fIndIngs. There seemed to be no other problems. I now wIll have to delIver at Emanuel hospItle In Portland Oregon We lIve In washIngton In the cascade foothIlls about 2 hours away. I am scared to death I am due In Sept vIa C/S. ThIs wIll be number 5 C/S. DId most of you blessed mommies go Into premature labor If so what about the heart surgery They saId our baby would need It rIght away. DId I cause thIs to happen? AGE? WellbutrIn? My mInd Is just racIng any advIce would be nIce. Our other chIldren are ElaIna 3 JustIn 5 VIctorIa 6 Alex 9 Marc 10 and Manuel 14 1 chIld has a mood dIsorder and 2 wIth adhd 2 also wIth asthma and allergIes. Thanks so much

Hello, coyote7! Sorry to hear of your issue’s. I am a Digeorge Syndrome Mom=
of 4 (2 living, healthy girl’s ages 12 and 10) Miscarried my first child, =
and my last child died due to Digeorge Syndrome and it’s symptom’s. Our las=
t child, heather; had the Aoritc Arch. Orginally, they thought she had tett=
orlogy but; ended up being the aortic arch valve not being fully in tact. S=
he had a leg abnomality as well; and some other major issue’s. we were in V=
anderbilt children’s hospital from Jan 7th 2002 to March 27th 2002. She wen=
t home to be with the Lord early on March 27th 2002. I along with you; was =
insistant on the amnio test, to prove that this was digeorge. I’m so greatf=
ul that I finally did; because with the severity of Heather’s condition; at=
birth, she would not have made it to Vanderbilt, if we had her in our Home=
hospital. We lived an hour and a half away; from nashville and was schedul=
ed to stay 2 week’s well; 2 week’s ended up being 3 month’s because
of various reason’s. It is well worth getting the amnio testing. Please kn=
ow that i’m here if you need any other advice. Well; take care!

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