New the News

Apparently new drugs are coming down the pike that give new hope to long term AIDS patients.

If you do a Google news search for “Merck, Pfizer” you will find that they are introducing an entirely new class of HIV drugs that the FDA has put on the fast track for approval as early as this summer.

We’re talking new generation drugs as well as next-generation versions of existing drugs that offer new options for patients who no longer respond to current drugs.

“The most desperately ill patients are getting a second chance,” said Dr. Jacob Lalezari, assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, and lead researcher in the study for Pfizer’s Maraviroc.

This is great news for all of us. Never give up hope.

Maraviroc has just gone expanded access in the US.

Perhaps a good thing, not sure. I know there has been some issues regarding expanded access drugs, not showing up in resistance screening, that sort of thing. Special testing to be done I believe.

But, on the whole, a good thing

  You know, I'm just trying to counter some of the pessimism and negative attitudes in the HIV+ community and some of what I see on these boards.

  Meds are getting better and better. People who are HIV poz are living longer and longer, yet the responses I get to the newest drugs are at best cynical.

 It hurts me to my heart to see people giving up hope.

I don’t think people are giving up hope. I think its just being on the side of caution. For years it’s been presented as " the Cure " and people get  all excited only for the bubble to sag. Mind you any new med is good news especially for those that are resistant. But disappointment hurts the spirit. And the expectations not being met makes the fall of disapointment hurts  the bum -bum And when you think about and count alllll the meds new and old from the beginning of this public battle, it’s alot . And still some are unable to take what is available. So what may appear to many as giving up hope is actually self preservation of the spirit thats already been bruised many times. But we all do still hope but now we carry a safty net to fall into . We never giver up hope. WE’VE COME A LONG WAY BABY !!!

  You're right.  I guess I'm being a bit unrealistic.

Check out conversations at the Ling term survivors in pozplace. We’re talking about the new testing of the Delta 1 mutation  genetic testing. Hubby is wating for the arrangements for his second episode of giving mega vils of blood. Now this is going to be something to find out about!!! It exists in the elite controllers being tested. Now to figure out exactly how it is made and such and… and… who knows where its going to goooooooo!!!