New Member - Introducing myself


My name is Karen, and I am new to this list. I have Cystic Fibrosis, and a rare gene mutation from that, that causes chronic pancreatitis. I have suffered with pancreas issues for about twenty years. I have been through about everything it can lead me through.

One night I had enzyme levels of over 17,000, that was a rough night!! I joined this list to be in contact with people going through the same things I go through everyday. I can’t get through cooking a meal without my pancreas flaring up. I am on daily narcotic pain medication, and truly could not function. Last week, to top it off, I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. That only adds to the problems with the pancreas. At times, like now, I am tired of it all!!

I am married, have two sons, one married with three children and another on the way, and one that just finished his Jr year of college with a 3.4. I have plently to stay alive for, and plenty going against me. Sometimes it just gets to be too much.

I get tired of hurting, not being able to eat, throwing up, being nauseated and everything else that goes with it. Not to mention the everyday problems with cf, like not being able to breath half the time, and taking seventeen medications when I am WELL!!!

Ok, I will get off my soap box now. I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you. I hope to get to know some of you soon.

I hope this finds you all well,



I, too, have Gastroparesis along with chronic pancreatitis. I feel your pain - literally. Metoclopramide helps me a lot. I have had pancreatitis for about 15 years. I take about 15 medications - on a good day. Sounds
like we have a lot in common.