New mom

Hi im Eva From Sweden and my little daughter Engla was diagnosed with Dandy Walker syndrome for about 2 months ago after a MRI. Im trying to get in touch with familys that care for DW-children to get support an share experience. Our doctors in Sweden dosent seem to know more than i do.
Hope to make lots of new friend here.

Hi Eva,

My name is Corie and I have a 20 month old daughter with ACC and Dandy-Walker we were just told last week.
Molly is on the same level as a 8-10 month old depending on what she is asked to do. We are up to 6 hrs of therapy a week 2 hr of OT and 2 hr of PT and 2 hrs of Eye therapy. Its a lot of work but we are seeing the little changes in her. We have been working with the different therapist for the last 8 months…
So good luck to you and your family I look forward to talking to you more.