New oral lichen planus


I live by Virginia Beach and would like to find a doctor to find out if food allergies are contributing to my oral Lichen Plaus (like gluten). I don’t want to waste a lot of time going from doctor to doctor who really don’t know much and wasting my money on a lot of tests. What do you think?


Many doctors are clueless about it. I’ve had instances where I told them what I had, they look clueless, excuse themselves for a while then come back in the room giving me the textbook answers. Hey Doc, I know you just went & looked it up. Have not found any doc in 4 years that can treat OLP. Good luck


I dont have oral LP, it’s on my arms & legs and Dr’s dont seemto care to much. I’m going grazy , this is 4th time I got it now,and it last so long.