New to Addisons

Im Lost! I am so sick. Im not sure how to stress dose my cortef doses.

Any one have experience with stress dosing?

  1. How much Cortef do you use? Too much can feel worse than too little.
  2. How many times/day do you split your doses?
  3. Why do you need to stress dose? The very concept that you need to stress dose is dangerous. You MUST have significant stress (broken leg, high fever etc) before you stress dose. People who stress dose for every little thing DESTROY themselves. Believe me, I have seen it.

Write I don’t think I’ll be on this site very often.

I’m new to this disease but I recently started on Hydrocortisone. I flew to Hawaii and on the way back picked up strep. I doubled my dose as instructed and then I got my period and had to triple my dose. I’m unable to go back down right now as I still have a sore throat and don’t feel well. I’m already tired of this disease.

Does anyone have secondary adrenal insufficiency due to an infiltration disease such as hemochromotosis?

I would love to hear from you if you do. Hemochromotosis is a disease where one’s body stores iron in the tissue and organs. The treatment is blood letting believe it or not. My body has stored nickel in the same way. I also have heard that mercury from amalgam fillings can do the same thing. The heavy metal builds up in your organs and causes all kinds of problems.