New to the board

I was just checking out the board. I have currently been trying to conceive since September of 2005. I had a really horrible infectioniin my ovaries that hospitalized me in March of this. Since then I have been unable to ovulate on my own and incapable therein of having a period without assistance. I tried 3 months of clomid with no egg follicles and no period. I am now on my 2nd round of femera and have added metformin. I am wondering what the next step may be for me, as I do not feel that waiting until the 3rd month of femera will be worth it is I do not at least produce some follicle cells this time. What have others tried?

hey, good luck, that sounds like very good news, i wish u the best.

hey, good luck, that sounds like very good news, i wish u the best.

I did have the test for scarring and there wasn’t any. I do have 2 follicles that have formed this month. I went for an US last Friday on day 10, and there were a few, but nothing that was really worth measuring. My OB had me come back yesterday and he did another US and saw 2 that were 13 and 12 ". He said that this is great news as they are both growing and he just believes I will ovulate late this time. This is the first time I have had anything to speak of. My OB even said hopefully I will be pregnant and we can move away from treatment. I think he is optomistic this time. I am of course but cautiously so.


Yea that is great. See i’m still new to all this stuff. This is actually the first cycle of hormones i’m on. I’ll be finished with the estradiol on sat. then on tues, wed, thurs, we do the deed then after that I have to use prometrium. then we’ll see what happens. I’ll be praying about it for ya.

Thanks and good luck to you both. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep praying.