New to this

hi all, i have recently been diagnosed with behcets.i live in australia.have been reading all i can find on this disease/syndrome.i have some questions,hope someone can help
i get nasal sores on and off and told this to my dr,who said it may be blackheads in my nose,i knew it was more than that,i was glad to read one of the posts in here just now where someone said they also have nasal ulcers.i am sure this is what they are.even the tip of my nose gets red and it is so sore on the inside.
i also get itchy not all the time but when i do and its mainly on my legs i cant stop scratching,the scratching comes up in big welt marks ,and its feels like a burning feeling under my skin,and lasts for hours or it turns into sores and lasts for days
does anyone get this.i had genital ulcers for 4 months in a row,just before my periods were due,then i started with the mouth ulcers now the nasal as well.havent had any genital ones for a couple of months now.always get the ulcers just before my periods are due though.has anyone found this a problem.also i seem to come out in huge pimples,i have never suffered this before only since all this started happening.i also get little pimple like rashes up my neck behind my ears over my shoulders and down my back(comes and goes).also get a rash on my stomach that comes and goes to.i am on plaquenil(hydroxychloroquine) 200mg twice a day.
i was given predisone 5 day dose when symptons were very severe.was hospitalised with erythema nodosa of the right leg for a week and rashes all over my many strange things happen to your body that you have no control over.its great to be able to share this with people who understand. thanks for listening