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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that I joined the group. I’m 43, slightly overweight, but basically in good shape.

I’ve slowly broke through my denial to realize that I probably do have sleep apnea as I stop breathing during the night and sometimes up to a minute or so (or so my GF reports). I’m also sometimes (not everyday) deathly tired during the day, suffer from headaches, anxiety, etc.

In fact, this may have been going on for a solid 10 years as that’s when I had night sweats, anxiety, etc. I thought it was just anxiety from an abusive marriage situation, but now I’m starting to wonder.

I’ve also been diagnosed recently with high blood pressure, but it seems to vary a lot.

Alcohol is seems to make it much worse. In fact, I quit drinking except for an occasional beer or glass of wine, but any alcohol at all seems to guarantee some very bad sleep and a groggy next day.

I’ve dropped some weight, and I’m committed to getting into better shape which can’t hurt. Although, I’m starting to wonder if I have a larger problem going on.

I do take some anti-anxiety meds (seroquel) to help me sleep, but I’m wondering if it’s part of my problem. Although, if I don’t take them, I’m completely exhausted from lack of sleep in about a week. It may be a Catch-22, but I know that I’ll need to break out of the quandary.

Anyways, I’m mostly here to lurk and learn.

I suffer from sleep apnea for a long time but didnt know i had it. I am an
Abuse victim of 26 yrs. i stayed for the kids…The Dr. says that where it
comes from. i wouldnt sleep. too scare to sleep… I went to a sleep study
and told me that it was bad…right now im on Provigil to keep me alert and
awake during the day…This really scares me cause the Dr. said its getting worst like a disease…I do get depressed over this…



new to the group
just would like some one to try to help me w/sleep apnea I’ve been to the sleep clinic and have severe sleep apnea I’m waiting on the cpap just hope I can deal with having a mask over my face. at the clinic I ended up tearing it off my face more then a few times.
I have been on Lexapro for a few months now for depression. also for the last month I’ve been having sleep seizures. my dr. tells me it’s due to my apnea so now they also have me on trazodon I’m taking 75mg. but I still can’t fall asleep. sleep meds don’t work for me.
so when I’m suppose to be getting up at 4am to go to work I physically can not get up. been missing a lot of days. Just would like to know if anyone has had these problems? also noticing my ankles have been swelling lately??

I can say that the mask is not an issue anymore…I also take Lexapro, but
take it in the am, not at night…I seem to be able to fall asleep easier,
although I also take something to help with that…I took Traz at one
time…I can’t stand that stuff…its like paralysis to me…

I hated the sleep study…that was awful…so don’t judge the cpap with that
in mind…you’ll adjust…
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Hi. I am fairly new. About a year ago I almost died from sleep apnea…I
had it a long time, was barely able to function, yet the doctors couldn’t
figure out what was wrong. I have had my machine for almost a year and there has
been a tremendous change. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to work
again, I have been back to work for two months. I am on provigil also. It does
get better. Marianne

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the doctor’s office and insurance company kept delaying my CPAP, I ended up
with severe pneumonia and was hospitalized for 16 days as a result, I almost
died. Get the machine as soon as possible. I used xanax to help me sleep
for a few weeks, no longer need it and love my machine and my new life. I had
to go on family medical leave while waiting for my CPAP because it presented
a danger while driving to and from work. Marianne

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I think I can deal w/the cpap if that will make me the person I used to be. happy and full of energy. I want off the trazodone, I got up last night and fell. I live alone and having seizures during the night is hell to go thru. hope to get the machine by friday!!!
and get more then 2 hrs. of sleep

Well, I’ve been on the cpap for many years and I’m still having problems. I have severe sleep apnea. What are the side effects for provigil? Is it loaded with caffeine?

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