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Thanks for the e-mail. I was examined by a endocrinologist and she did nothing. I have Cushings Syndrome which comes from many years of using prednisone.
It is the only medication that seems to keep my Retroperitoneal Fibrosis in check. I tried to reduce my prednisone but then I become so tired that it is difficult
for me to move. Does Cushings cause tiredness? Just recently, I’ve had problems sleeping - but people on prednisone usually do. I’ve gained 33 pounds and a huge pregnant-like tummy, large lumps on my neck and shoulders and a VERY fat face. I’m a mess. Do you know of a treatment for Cushings?
Very truly yours,
Linda Wagner
Scottsdale, AZ.


Cushing’s can cause tiredness. The only treatment for steroid induced Cushing’s would be to stop or at least lower the dosage of Prednisone that you take.

I remain with Cushing’s disease after unsuccessful pituitary surgery and radiation. I also have another disease called Sarcoidosis. The best treatment for Sarcoidosis is steroids…however, I can’t take steroids due to my Cushing’s. (

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Unfortunately,?you’ll continue to have these symptoms as long as you’re on the prednisone.? That’s why a lot of children have Cushing’s Syndrome for years b/c steriod asthma medication has the same effect.? There is no “cure” b/c it’s not a disease, it’s a side effect in your case.

I had Cushing’s Disease, which is caused by a tumor.? They tried to remove it, but failed.? I ended up removing my adrenal glands to “cure” it.

Hi Linda

I have the same as you., Cushings Syndrome. I have Multiple sclerosis, but received 1000 mgs of solumedrol every month for this. I too blew up like 60 lbs in 6 months, the hump moon face, easy bruising, umong many more things… If you would like check out my myspace page You can see pics of the changes I went through, along with various stories and such. My Dr even sent me to Mayo clinic, and I spent months going up there 2 rimes a month for overnight excursions…

The endocrinologist there basically once, he re diagnosed me, told that for our type of cushings, not much more than time will have to take care of it… BUT, absolutely no steroids of any type, I found out the hard way, that even ment no hydrocortisone cream!!! Here is my myspace link. And I am slowly but surely improving, looking at what I look like is the huge improvement… I have the extra problems of having cushings, multiple sclerosis, a blood clot, degenerative disc disease, lol just to name a few…

Im gearing up now for the MS walk in March, as it was a year ago that the Cushings was diagnosed and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks… So there is hope… Fish Oil, has helped me bunches with fatigue…

oh, the link, (

Hope this helps?