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Have you seen a neurologist?? I live in Wash DC and I have an excellent neurologist.? The medicines that I take are very helpful.?

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Could you please tell me what medications that you are on that seem to be
helpful and also, do they allow you to carry on with your life, activities,
work, etc.? I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia four years ago and have
since had microvascular decompression surgery twice and gamma knife once. I
am not currently having the triggered trigeminal neuralgia electrical
explosions, ripping through the side of my face, but rather a constant, deep tingling
that feels like electricity running through my eye and upper cheek. My
neurosurgeon says that it is nerve damage from all the procedures and now is
sending me to a neurololgist in hopes of finding a drug that can manage my
discomfort. At first, I was so against being on these terrible drugs - they made
me feel so out of control and zoned out, but now, I am begging for something
that will ease this constant activity running through the side of my face and
still allow me to go on with my life.

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Hi. My doctor gave me a very strong pain medicine and I’m sorry I don’t
remember the name, because my attacts were coming about every hour. Once
that was taken care of he started me on Lyrica 75 mg twice a day it kept it
at bay for a year and then it started in again so he uped it to three times
a day. So far, that is working but for how long who knows. Like I said my
PA had me convinced it was shingles and there wasn’t anything to be done.
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I am taking Neurontin 600 mg. three times a day along with Tegretol, 200 mg three times a day.? They are keeping it under control very well, even though every now and then I? get a tingling in my face.? I don’t get any bad side effects, but I don’t always feel quite balanced.? Anything is better than this pain, and I pray that I can stay at this level of medication and not have to increase it.

I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the surgical procedures.? I think that once your body gets used to the medications the side effects will go away.? When I first started taking Tegretol along with the Neurontin, I felt sick and dopey and dizzy, but it leveled off.?

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